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9 colour trends for your walls in 2017

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The new year always brings a freshness within the four walls of our home. It’s just the right time to think about a new look, isn’t it? Is the furniture contemporary? Does the bathroom need a makeover? If you want to start slowly, why not change the colour of your wall? Sometimes, it takes just the smallest detail to bring a remarkable change into a home. For this reason, we want to devote this ideabook to the colour trends of 2017. These colours not only will make you feel good, but also will earn you compliments from your visitors. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Purple and violet: always elegant in any room

These two rather cool shades are just what you need to replace the previous blue and pink trend of 2016. Purple and violet are trendy colours in 2017. Whether you use them by themselves or as a combination, both these colours bring an elegant touch to every room. Modern or classic, eclectic or creative, you can’t go wrong with either purple or violet as the predominant colour in 2017.

2. Combination of green and grey

Pastel colours, particularly in rooms like the one in this image, increase the harmony in the areas in which we spend time or joyfully welcome our guests. Pastel tones bring a soft contrast and help to neutralize the ambiance of a room. This year, the combination of gentle greens and grey tones will help to achieve a palette that gives a great feeling. So, if you plan to give your living room wall a new look this year, give this combination a closer glance.

3. White: Evergreen and timeless

As in the previous years, white remains an absolute favourite in 2017. The positive qualities of this neutral colour are too good to ignore. As a colour, it is not only timeless but also makes a room look simple and inviting, whether it’s a small bathroom or a cosy living area. Combined with other cool colours such as trendy turquoise, the advantages of white are particularly evident, like in this example.

4. Pearl grey for a welcoming decoration

Grey is not to be underestimated in the new year, especially when it comes to contemporary furnishing for rooms. The effect of the combination of grey with a pastel green tone is something we all really admire. The trendy pearl grey is a colour to use to bring cool elegance to a room that looks sophisticated. It’s also a basic tone for interior decoration as it creates a harmonious and inviting setting, which your guests will love. Who wouldn’t like to sit down on this sofa?

5. Warm elegance with rose

Light pink or rose wall paint creates a wonderful balance of warmth and restraint within your four walls, whether it’s a living room in a classic country-style house or a modern loft with touches of industrial design. Rose is amazingly versatile, which is precisely why it is one of the favourite colour trends of 2017.

6. Camouflage for the kitchen: green with a touch of yellow

It is said that no living creature other than man perceives so many shades of green, so it’s hardly surprising how much this colour soothes us. Many of us already take advantage of this fact in our homes, and maybe will use the trendy pastel combination of mint grey and green. But, have you thought about green for your home? It is supposed to mimic the soothing green of nature effectively. Combined with light touches of brown and yellow, it is not only invigorating, but also extremely harmonious – the perfect colour for your kitchen in 2017.

7. Stimulating yellow for a classic living space

The beginning of the year is the time for resolutions, so how about facing it with complete enthusiasm? Which colour is better for this than yellow? Like a breath of sunshine blowing through our rooms, yellow has a stimulating and refreshing effect, and therefore, it combines all the qualities that we expect from a trendy colour in 2017. It works not only in a classic living space like this one, but combined with a muted tone can work even in your modern home.

8. Grey for 2017

We at homify are convinced that the colour grey in all its shades will be a trend this year. It’s versatile for using at home, whether as a basic tone for inviting furniture or as wall paint to blend with modern or industrial design. If you prefer a dark grey for your wall, adjust the décor accordingly. Dark blues bring an elegant touch, while the wood note adds warmth to the room.

9. Shades of maritime blue

We conclude our little journey into the world of colours trends for 2017 with a look at a very special shade of blue. Maritime blues, with their mix of green, turquoise and dark blue are absolute eye-catchers in every home. It’s a great choice in modern living rooms, as a colour highlight in a kid’s room, or a kitchen. You’ll never tire of it, irrespective of how much you use it.

So, which one of these are you going to use this year? For more ideas on making your walls stylish, see 11 trends for decorating interior walls.

Which of these colour trends will you pick for your home? Respond in the comments.

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