10 tips for creating a sensational main entrance

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
Le Jardin Arquitectura Paisagística Tropical style garden
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Trying to come up with new ideas for your main entrance is a difficult thing in itself. But what makes it even more tough is finding unique designs so that you can make your home stand out. So to give you an idea of how you can create a sensational main entrance for your own residence here are 10 tips or designs that you can consider.

1. Natural touch

Incorporating a small garden near your main entrance can never go wrong. Depending on the area you want to cover you can choose between trees, shrubs, or even small potted plants to make the space look beautiful.

2. Floor tiles

You can also choose to line your entrance with designer floor tiles to make it look amazing. Bold designs like seen in the picture are the perfect choice when you're not adding a lot of other elements in the area.

3. Glass sliding doors

Main door is one of the most important element of any house and the best way to make it look amazing without putting a lot of effort is by opting for similar looking glass sliding doors. These doors are also a great choice when it comes to saving space.

4. LED lights

Lighting also plays an important role while you are trying to design your main entrance. The owner for this house has opted for LED ceiling and floor lights to highlight every feature of the house. They have also added small LED lights near the planters to give it a dramatic look.

5. Traditional woodwork

For those of you who are looking for a traditional style main entrance then opting for a similar design is highly recommended. These artistic woodwork doors and figurines are the perfect way to make your home look traditional and grand at the same time.

6. Creative walkways

If you're looking to create a walkway in your outdoor space then combining different materials is a great way to achieve a unique look. The designer for this walkway has used wooden planks along with pebbles and grass to make the entrance look fabulous.

7. False ceiling

Most of us leave the parking space open which can be a huge drawback while designing your main entrance. To use the space well and make it look classy the best thing is to install a false ceiling like seen in the picture.

8. Outdoor facade

Outdoor facades or focal walls are another option for making your entrance look sensational.  The designer for this house has opted for two different types of facades, one made out of stone and the other with wood which gives it a contrasting look.

9.Iron wallart

If you're looking to redesign your main entrance then the simplest way of doing so is by adding similar pieces of iron wall art. These wall arts can incorporate any design as per your liking making them easily customisable.

10. Big windows

Another way to create a beautiful main entrance is by incorporating a lot of big windows into your house. These windows act like an outdoor facade which also give your place a modern touch.

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