9 wall colours you need to try in 2017

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
『 ふんわり北欧スタイルのすまい 』, Live Sumai - アズ・コンストラクション - Live Sumai - アズ・コンストラクション - Scandinavian style living room
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Even though we are already halfway through 2017, there is no reason why you can’t pick up this trend that kicked off the beginning of the year, is there? Sometimes transforming a room into something exquisite encompasses an entire makeover, including new furniture, flooring, window treatment, the works. However, other times a new splash of colour against the walls is all it takes.

Let’s take a look at the wall colours that are considered fresh and fabulous for 2017.

1. Purple, lilac and violet

These soft, feminine hues are the forerunners for new wall colour choices in 2017, replacing 2016’s blue. How so? Because the graceful combination of these tones are known to bring a great dose of elegance into every room, regardless of whether that room flaunts a classic, eclectic or modern design style. 

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2. Green and grey in pastel

Pastels are ingenious at lending a soft and welcoming touch to a space, which is exactly why they are so popular for rooms where we tend to entertain and socialise, like living rooms.

And 2017’s favourite pastel combination? Mint green and off-white grey, to give your backdrop that gentle touch it needs.

3. Timeless white

Yes, white has done it again! This ageless colour has shown up on previous years’ lists as well, proving its timeless quality and its ability to make any and every room seem simple and inviting, whether it’s a bathroom or a cosy lounge. 

Combined with other cool hues, like trendy turquoise, white becomes even more prominent, as can be seen in this stunning example.

4. Pearl grey

Don’t think that just because soft grey looks exquisite with pastel green that it can’t be used on its own. Pearl grey brings quite the elegant touch to a room, especially if it’s splashed across the walls, coating the entire space in a soft, harmonious ambience. 

And of course there’s no denying the appeal that this colour brings to furniture pieces as well, like this oh-so charming sofa.

5. Tea rose

Think of tea rose as that sublime connection between red and pink – it creates a wonderful balance of warmth and serenity, whether it’s coating up the walls in a classic-style home, a country cottage, or even a super contemporary loft with industrial touches. 

Tea rose hues are amazingly versatile, which is just another reason why this colour has became a firm favourite among designers for 2017.

6. A favourite for kitchens: lime green

It is said that humans can distinguish between more shades of green than any other creature, which makes this green hue the perfect palette choice. But think about lime green, or any other green for that matter: it wonderfully mimics Mother Nature’s handiwork outside, so is it really surprising that we’d want to bring it indoors to splash some style on our walls? 

This open-plan layout which beautifully combines lime green with neutral browns presents the ideal colour contrast – for 2017, at least.

7. Yellow hues

Yellow is the main tone to choose if you want a cheery, friendly ambience. So why not go with a nice yellow tone to up your interiors’ enthusiasm? And don’t think that you have to choose a bright, sunny yellow, for this colour comes in numerous softer hues (like “daffodil” or “tuscan sun”) that can provide the same amount of jollity for a room, albeit in a classier manner.

8. Charcoal

Concord High - Thomas Pedersen, Stouby Stouby Scandinavian style living room

Concord High—Thomas Pedersen


Yet another grey hue makes it to 2017’s colour list, but this one takes a darker turn which professionals call “charcoal”. And yes, this colour can also be used for furniture and décor pieces – a fabulous choice if your interior design tastes run along the industrial realm. 

Just be cautious when attempting to play with this colour: charcoal walls look fantastic, but your furniture and décor need to be adjusted accordingly to break up that bold background, like this leather chair in a soft brown does oh-so wonderfully.

9. Nautical blues

Christmas '14, Farrow & Ball Farrow & Ball Scandinavian style living room
Farrow & Ball

Christmas '14

Farrow & Ball

Mother Nature did it again, treating us to one of her natural colours, only this time it’s blue – and yes, any blue you can think of, for they are all present in nature, especially the great, big ocean. 

Cobalt, lapis, sapphire, arctic… merely the names of these colours are enough to make you want to start painting up a wall. Thus, have fun playing with different blues in 2017 for your living room, dining space, child’s room, etc. 

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