21 pictures of staircases to inspire you

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Ever wondered about the many different ways that a simple stairway could spin? This post is revisiting every idea that crossed the minds of the talented folk here at homify! We've got compelling proof that stairways could be far more interesting than you make them out to be. 

Let's climb up the ladder of ideas, one step at a time!

1. Where modern meets rustic

If ever you find that you're torn between rustic and modern approaches but you just can't seem to pick one, then this stairway is perfect for you. It's a coalition of modern lighting and paints with rustic stone walls and lighted islands of vegetation.  

2. Lighten up

Another exception you can make to your definition of a staircase, is this next one. It takes the minimalist idea to a whole new level by infusing lights and rungs all too well. Rather than opting for balusters that are closely placed next to each other, you can choose evenly spaced out ones like this staircase that pierce through each rung. 

3. Fast track

The next staircase takes you on a journey, with the steep incline at the top and its gradual decline to the base. The choice of rich chestnut wood to uphold the silver railings of the stairway makes this a design you cannot miss out on.  

4. Symmetry at its best

Keep it simple and symmetric with this next design. Sticking to an all white theme makes the design all the more appealing. Top off every individual stair with a coat of maple hued wood and complement the same with a potted plant by the side to complete every angle to the wonder that is this stairway.

5. Transparency

Modern designs are fast rising to take over the everlasting likes of balustrades and balusters. A simple glass sheet would bare the brunt of being a substitution to railings by miles! Simple wooden steps to take you further would be just the thing you need. 

6. A simple affair

Seamless designs are just around the corner as is demonstrated by this next stairway. It essentially picks up where the previous design left off by integrating wood and glass far too well. 

7. The silver lining

Of the many reasons that make this staircase a stand out, is the incorporation of steps of different dimensions. Although this appears to be a fairly simple idea, it's the execution that takes you to new heights as is displayed in the image. The use of silver hues against a white backdrop makes this stairway soar.  

8.Perfect harmony

White hued surfaced exude an aura that cannot be matched by much else. This is precisely what makes this staircase stand out. It is the perfect embodiment of the right combinations of colors and elements. The stairway has a simple steel railing on one end and a white wall on the other. Lilac flowers by the side complete this design. 

9. Unique at every step of the way

Through the spaces on the wall emerge a set of rungs that essentially make up the entirety of a stairway. The need for railings is completely eliminated as the staircase ascends into the floor above. 

10. Back to the basics

What's better than a simple flight of stairs to take you to the places you want them to? This staircase has all the answers you need right there. Charcoal brown against a white backdrop comes into play as the two make the ideal duo. 

11. Rustics at its best

Embedded between the stone wall and the metallic railing is a beautiful flight of wooden rungs with white borders that make up this wondrous staircase. Engraved by the wall are lights to make the staircase stand out. 

12. Spiraling without bounds

Black spiral stairways that bend and twist in the manner that is depicted in this image are a must have for all who thrive for a modernistic appeal. The black railings run from top to bottom curving along the way only to end right at the floor at the foot of the wooden rungs of the staircase. 

13. Two storied tales

Here's another way to pay homage to the modernistic times we live in. Pairs of two are used to build the stairs that make this staircase as the glass sides confine the stairway towards the wall. 

14. Wooden wonder

A stairway that arches in the following manner sets a statement from far above. Polished wood has been the choice right from the start to the top while marble polished floors support the structure. 

15.Suspended wonder

Solid grey rungs make up this beautiful staircase with a stone wall on one side and a glass one on the other. The complementary choice of colors makes it seems like the stairway is dangling mid air making it all the more of a wonder than it already is. 

16. Wooden wonder

Solid mustard wooden planks take you to the top floor of this wonderful home as the plain white wall accompanies you all the way. Rather than picking out a single glass slab, pick out bifurcated ones for a wholesome look. 

17, Zig-zag all the way

What looks to be a lovely layered dessert is essentially a staircase with utmost detail paid to the minutest of all details. Something as simple as a dark brown border to line each stairs adds a wholesome feel to the ensemble which is simply enhanced by the presence of the tempered glass. 

18. Of metallic ascendance

A red brick wall lies on the other side of this impeccable design. Suspended from the top to bottom is this beautiful metallic structure that ensconses a modernistic touch. 

19. Tuning in to style

The particular fitting of the staircase in the arch of the wall is simply the missing piece to the puzzle that is structure. Wooden rungs that curve around a central pole embedded into the ground with the help of a circular plate are what makes this ensemble a huge success. 

20. Solid wood

Wooden blocks such as the following create a new dimension to this staircase. Topped off with a glass wall to accompany it to the top this simply is a must have! 

21. The lifeboat!

Want to spruce up the play area in your home? Then we have just the thing! Essentially designed to replicate a lifeboat with floaters the steps make up the seating area of the lifeboat. Get on board before this ship sails away! 

If you are looking for an indian touch, then this might just come in handy.

21 different perspectives to the many heights that a staircase can soar towards! Which one will have the privilege of gracing your home with its presence? 

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