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A beautiful and well planned apartment in Bangalore

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You can definitely judge this book by its cover—the facade is just as meticulously designed as the interiors. The unique design has a contemporary charm that is enchanting and warm, although the straight lines and minimalist approach is applied, it's not overbearing. The professional design team from Bangalore, A-Z Architects & Vaastu have clearly demonstrated their talent in this beautiful apartment. 

Join us on the tour of this home to indulge in some serious eye candy. Beauty inspires creation and creation, adoration. We hope you'll be inspired by our visual tour, and spread the beautiful!

The face of an angel

The three storey apartment is definitely a sight to behold. It's not something you just drive past without having to slow down to gaze in awe at the stunning facade of this beauty. The earthy colour scheme exudes warmth, and blends in harmoniously with the surrounding environment. 

The facade is rich in texture and variation with interesting motifs which captivate. Every little window is framed and apartment is compartmentalised by variations in design and materials used, creating a dynamic contemporary design with an edge. 

Dressed to impress

Upon entering the house, a killer foyer greets us and it's clearly dressed to impress with bold motifs and impeccable style. We love the unique divider wall which combines different materials and textures, and also matches the motifs on the lighted fake ceiling. 


The bubble-like mirrors at the head of the bed create an interesting effect in this retro cum classy room. By combining organic shapes with straight lines, this bedroom meets the perfect balance. We love the striking blue carpet—just one dash of intense colour in a neutral room, it has a surreal kind of effect. 

Matching outfits

Matching outfits are definitely back in style, whether you're talking about fashion or interior design, the same applies. Matching the wardrobe with the TV wall and the fake ceiling is a brilliant way of doing it in a bedroom. 

Striking beauty

The living room is a striking beauty isn't it? The black stone slab walls with the striking blue framed with gold is so intense, dark yet positively impressionable, and it creates a fantastic contrast with the all-white sofa set, walls and flooring. The dark arches also add a unique dimension to this gorgeous living room. 

TV star

This TV wall has got the face of a TV star and also a similar face to the facade—you can see continuity in the design and it makes the home come together perfectly like the almost perfect symetry of a good-looking face. 

Let there be light!

The dainty chandeliers are pretty, but without the lighting installation in the fake ceiling, this bedroom just wouldn't be the same. The curvy fake ceiling s not only visually interesting, but also lowers the ceiling slightly and makes the room cosier. 

Brown is beautiful

There's nothing like lots of wood—the warmth and cosiness it creates is simply magical. The creamy cushioned headboard somehow just makes me want to dive into that bed even more, and the fluffy rug at the foot of the bed feel so comforting. 


Once again we see a neutral room with a splash of colour—this time it's pink like candy floss and it looks delicious! It's sophisticated with a hint of sexy. 

Mini office

We love that all the bedrooms have a mini office area incorporated in the design, and a TV too! This is truly functional design with imaginative aesthetics. 

We hope you've enjoyed this tour. For more inspiration and ideas, have a look at a royal Asian villa full of delightful gems!

What did you like most about this apartment? Please share with us in the comments section below. 
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