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Stone House The Manser Practice Architects + Designers Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
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Combining eco-friendly design and the best in modern architecture is the landmark Stone House. The newly completed home is situated on an elevated position surrounded by woodland in Oxfordshire, England. It's an area of not only natural significance, but holds a special place in the hearts of those who visit.  

The clients for this new-build had approached their architects from the Manser Practice after purchasing a vacant plot of land. They requested a home of open design and to be unique in both form and style. In addition, the home needed to make the most of its beautiful surroundings. However, it was a process full of challenges from the very start. See how the architects were able to overcome the many challenges to produce this magnificent home.  

A secluded spot on the hill

Before construction could begin the architects needed to secure planning permission. This wasn't as easy as it sounded since the plot of land was within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The sitting of the house was critical in the discussions between the architects and the local planning authorities. To meet the requirements from the local authorities the building was positioned to allow for the best views of the woodland, but the home would remain largely hidden from public view from a path across the valley. 

As pictured, the Stone House stands as a prominent landmark amongst the natural surrounds. The building resembles a modern build with its geometric form, extensive use of glazing, and its distinctive slender steel roof. Traditional Cotswold stone walls afford the house a great sense of solidity and acts as an interesting juxtaposition with the buildings modern detailing and style. 

An exclusive view of the forest

Internally, the home is bright and beautiful with an overarching minimalist style within the living wing. High ceilings, extensive glazing, and the white colour palette bring a sense of light and openness into the space. 

In order to achieve an energy efficient dwelling a sophisticated mechanical and electrical system was developed. All of the homes heating, hot water and pool heating are supplied by air source heat pumps located in the existing stable block. 

Nature is only a step away

As the home owners sit on one of the comfy armchairs their gaze is naturally drawn through the glazing to the nature beyond. It's an effect that causes the owners (despite being in the heart of the home) to feel like nature is never far away.

Just outside of view is a cantilevered terrace that runs along the length of the south facing façade. The terrace acts as a natural extension of the living space and allows those inside to venture outside to appreciate the nature in a dramatic way. 

Beauty in all sections of the home

Not only is this staircase an important connecting point between the internal levels of the home, but the design brings visual interest and beauty to the space. The interplay between the metal and the glazing is simply spectacular. 

Time for a dip

Not only is the swimming pool an amazing amenity of the home but it's also of energy saving design. A heat exchange system has been installed within the pool area which allows energy to be recovered and used elsewhere as needed. Overall the Stone House has not only met the expectations of both the client and the local planning authorities, but has succeeded them. 

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A modern-marvel in the countryside

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