The big advantages of smaller homes

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When we think of small houses we are immediately concerned with the disadvantages brought by the lack of square feet. We are focused more on what we are to lose (space) rather on what we are going to gain. What are the advantages of a small house, though?

Firstly, living in a smaller space means fewer expenses and maintenance, which inevitably leads to more money in your pocket and more free time. Smaller house are also warmer and welcoming. In case you are still focused on the losses, we decided to create a list of six advantages small homes have and see whether we can change your minds.

Take notes, have fun and, as always, get inspired!

1. Cosier

The first advantage of living in a small house relates to feelings of comfort and warmth. Especially when living alone, it surely feels nice to go back into a welcoming home after a long day. 

Take for example the image above, by Christine White Design, where cosiness meets functional organisation. Despite being a small space, there is a clear division between the areas. By having an elevated bedroom, it masterfully amplifies the available square feet on the ground floor and the bedroom retains its relaxing and comfortable function without being affected by what is happening in the rest of the home. 

As for the ground floor, the kitchen and living room exist together in an open-plan design, which embraces cosiness. While this concept is but one example, it exemplifies the warmth that can be achieved in a small space without having to sacrifice functionality.

2. Live within a smaller budget

Alongside being cosy, a small home is more economical. Less room means less decoration and out lay on interior décor, lower energy consumption, reduced bills and maintenance. Sounds perfect, especially considering the current economical turmoil!

But what about storage? The pictured example, from Bruno Olive Architecture, illustrates that you don’t have to sacrifice storage space when living with less. The walk-in closet uses up every inch of the small space, with shelves and drawers becoming a focal point for storing clothes, while the side wall is transformed into a huge wardrobe. A practical solution that will free your home of visible clutter without taking up much space. 

3. Less room for decorating disasters

Having less room to decorate is not only beneficial economically but also in avoiding decorative mistakes. Admittedly, even the shrewdest interior decorator can fall into design pitfalls, which is more easily done and harder to escape from, in larger spaces. Small homes require a more simplistic décor and thus, the chance of creating a decorating disaster is lessened.

We love the interior décor in the image above, as it is a nexus of comfort and functionality. On the background wall, shelves have been erected for books and personal items, whereas the bed frame is transformed into a storage unit. A simple and effective use of the small space that's perfect for practical people

4. Farewell to unnecessary clutter

Living in a small home will force you to be more ruthless with what you can and cannot keep. Space will determine this. You'll inevitably be forced to become more practical and fully utilise the room at your disposal.

Small homes don't allow you to be so sentimental as every inch counts. Some people move from home to home, dragging huge amounts of personal possessions with them, that they neither really need nor want, but are handcuffed to because of some irrational sense of emotional connection. A smaller home will make you grit your teeth and become objective. Ridding clutter from your life can be extremely liberating! Free your mind and your cupboards…

5. Enjoy the outdoors

A less obvious advantage of smaller homes is the opportunity they offer to enjoy the outdoors. How so? Well, living in small spaces means that when you need a change of scenery the best available solution will be the outside world. There is nothing more revitalising than having your morning coffee on a terrace or taking a walk in the local park. 

It has been proven that getting in touch with nature has a significant impact on our well-being and helps manage stress. So, your small home, besides being cosy and economical, might even help open the door to the refreshing and stimulating effects of the outside world!

6. Packing and moving

Nowadays people move more frequently than ever before, due to factors such as employment relocation and the rising prices of urban living. With this in mind, living in smaller homes and owning less possessions, inevitably makes the process of packing, moving and unpacking much easier, cheaper and less stressful.  

Take the image above as an example: how simple would it be to pack up and relocate these two small tables, rug, small sofa and minimal furnishings?

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