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8 ways to make space for storing bed accessories

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Bed accessories such as bed covers and blankets can take up a lot of storage space in the house as they are often large and heavy. It can be challenging finding enough space to store all the bedding in the house in one spot, so we suggest that you could spread it out and maybe follow some of the other tips mentioned here. This idea guide features 8 ways to make space for storing bedding. We hope you will find some good ideas here for your home. Let's check out these tips for storing bedding shall we? 

Wardrobe in the bedroom

Many bedrooms often have large wardrobes that can be used to store bedding as well, that is if you have extra space. Wardrobes often have large shelves which are great for storing bulky bedding materials such as heavy blankets and huge pillows generally used in the winter months. Furthermore, the space under the bed is also a convenient place for storing bedding. Let's see what other options are available for storing bedding.  

Vintage cabinet

Vintage cabinets such as the one pictured here not only look great but are extremely useful for storing extra things like bed sheets and pillow covers as well. Cabinets such as this will look great in the living room as it also has display shelves at the top for displaying decorations or books. Browse through rustic cabinets and shelves here on homify for more ideas and inspiration. 

Bathroom cabinet

The bathroom cabinet can be considered for storing bedding if it's large enough, or else perhaps a customised bathroom cabinet which will fit some of your bedding can be made. Either way, it might be the case that another storage cabinet somewhere else may be needed. Spreading out the bedding storage can be more convenient than storing it all in one place especially if you live in a house with two floors. 

Chest of drawers

A beautiful chest of wooden drawers like the one pictured here could be an ideal storage space for small pieces of bedding such as pillow cases and bed sheets. The main advantage of using a lovely chest of wooden drawers to store bedding is that it looks good and it can be placed anywhere including the living room or even in the kitchen. 

Make use of hallway space

If you have a narrow hallway space or a corridor, make use of it by adding storage cabinets to the space. Storage cabinets in the hallway will make the perfect space for you to store bedding at home as it is a neutral space which everyone at home has access to. 

Under the bed storage

A clever way to store bedding is actually to store it in the bed itself. Many people have the habit of storing things under their beds in boxes or suitcases, however while this saves space, it is not as convenient because you have to remove the boxes under the bed every time you clean up. Pictured here we see a bed that has a storage space in it as well. As you can see, there is enough space to store loads of pillows and other bedding materials. The storage bed is designed by Oggioni—The Storage Bed Specialist, based in Varedo, Italy.

Use the garage space

If you have a garage space at home, you can add shelves or cabinets to the space so that you can store some of your bedding there as well. The garage can be a multi-functional room suited for storing all kinds of things. The only disadvantage of storing bedding in the garage is that it might not be the most convenient space to access, so store the bedding that you rarely use here and store the rest in more practical spaces such as the bedroom or hallway. 

Walk-in closet

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Walk in Wardrobe


Having the luxury of a walk-in closet means that you should have enough space to store bedding here at least. If you still lack space despite having a walk-in closet, you can customize your walk-in closet to include adjustable shelves so that you can store more bulky stuff there. Adjustable shelves also save space as they can be moved around as or when needed. We hope you have found some good tips for making space to store your bedding through this idea guide. For more related inspiration and ideas, have a look at 6 easy storage ideas for the house

Do you have any other ideas for storing bedding in the house? Let us know in the comments section below. 
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