15 pictures of wooden furniture that you need at home

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Wooden furniture has a certain charm to it that cannot be replicated by much else. Seldom does one come across a home that skips wooden furniture in its entirety. At times when it simply is unavoidable to incorporate wood in one's home, it's time to do more justice to the furniture you so often push around. 

Unleash the inner carpenter within with these simple yet effective ideas.This post is every reason for carpentry to appeal to you. Dig out your old tools, measuring tapes and saws because we assure you that this post is going to leave you sawing away to glory! 

1. In the lavatory

Rather than opting for a standstill sink in the lavatory, you can pick a design similar to this one. This works particularly because the space beneath is capitalized upon which leaves you with ample storage space. 

2. Modular furniture

For areas of your home where space does not limit you, modular furniture is the perfect fit. The best thing about DIY carpentry is that you can cater the furniture in accordance with your needs.

3. In the living room

A wooden board with attachments is a great idea if you are looking to replace a bulky wall unit. It's fairly simple to execute and tends to add a degree of opulence to the room. Combine this look with furniture of a similar color for best results. 

4. In the bedroom

This idea comes with the intention of appealing to the folk who see beauty in this simple yet elegant ensemble. All it is really is an extension of the headboard on either side to which lamps can be added according to one's taste.  

5. Wooden separator

A neat replacement for blinds entails the use of wood in a similar fashion. Incorporate it in the library to complete it in its entirety.

For more insight, follow this link. 

6. Wall to wall

The great thing about designing your own structures is that you can take into account the space made available to you and then build around it. This makes for its own level of convinience when it comes to tricky spaces and corners. 

7. In the kitchen

Wooden kitchens exude a certain charm of their own as is seen in this petite little kitchen. It's simple design catches the eye leaving one charmed at the sheer beauty of it.  

8. Table tops

Wooden tops are a great way to celebrate wood. This can be applied to the kitchen table top, the dining table or even the garden table. The best part is that it is oh so simple to make, there's no way you can go wrong. 

9. In the closet

A walk through this closet depicts how wood is made the most of. If you have a large closet and are looking to create small shelves, then this idea is simply brilliant. 

10. Below the staircase

This design would probably require prior planning. Most of the time the space available beneath the staircase goes in vain. This idea cleverly capitalizes on that by incorporating a shelf to house the TV set. 

11. In the children's room

To entice the young minds that run around your home, look to a colorful shelf such as this. Ideal to store away books, toys and just about anything, this could just be your very own aesthetic dump yard! 

12. One for the terrace

Who wouldn't like to lose themselves to the sky every once in a while? With this simple to assemble sofa you could just make that experience all the more comfortable. 

13. Wine cellar

While this seems like a complex design at first sight, it really isn't! All you need is wooden planks and a tad bit of patience. Wear them on your sleeve and in no time you'll end up with an impressive structure such as this in your living room! 

14. The dining table

Your carpentry skills might be put to the test in with this dining table, be warned, but what's waiting on the other side of the spectrum is this stunning looking ensemble. 

15. A shelf

If you are looking for a bookshelf with a hint of creativity, then we've got just the thing. The stand tapers from bottom to top with simple rungs to uphold your favorite show pieces. 

Would you care to embark on this wooden journey with us? 

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