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15 unusual kitchens smaller than 10m²!

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How do you achieve a stylish and functional kitchen, you ask? You're in luck for stumbling upon this ideabook because we've just rounded up 15 small yet smart kitchens that totally fits in your idea of class and practicality! What's more is that they only size up to 10 square meters!

1. 9m² kitchen

For our last kitchen, we'd like to highlight the lovely floor tiles that go well with the plain off-bluish green combo. Brown is also a suitable color choice for this event.

2. 9m² kitchen

If the monochromatic color palette is your thing but you don't really want to go all out, then some pop of color every now and then would be good. Just take it from this nine-square-meter kitchen that brought in a red retro refrigerator plus enhance or say, gave a throwback to shabby chic through the rustic white brick wall.

3. 6m² kitchen

Now here's an extra push with that pop of color: fiery red against subdued black. Sounds and looks like a fiery choice for the feisty homeowner. Note however the contemporary and classy details here like in the choice of lighting and color-coordinated furnishings. It's all in the details.

4. 2m² kitchen

Yes you read that correctly, it's a two-square-meter kitchen. And yes, it is possible to keep it sophisticated and simple at the same time. That was made possible with a clean color scheme of blue, white, black, and brown.

5. 4m² kitchen

In designing your kitchen, lighting is always something worth-considering. Lighting after all plays a big factor in achieving comfort inside our homes. This kitchen, for one, in spite of its dark color palette basks under great lighting around the area.

6. 6m² kitchen

This kitchen design might be all too mesmerizing for you. We're particularly drawn into how there's a functional bar and other compartments here yet in spite of all that, the look is absolutely put-together. In a way, this six-square-meter kitchen feels definitely like home.

7. 5m² kitchen

For those of you minimalist junkies, this design would be most suitable. Natural wood here combines with polished white surfaces to evoke a classic and country luxury. What's more is that the designers built a good number of cabinets for convenient storage!

8. 2m² kitchen

We have here another ingenious 2-square-meter layout that you would want to copy for not just its clever design but also because of its zesty and vibrant appeal! We're quite sure that the white and yellow combination will perk you up any day.

9. 4m² kitchen

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If you're going for a more industrial design, this look can definitely give you a note or two on how to achieve it. Note the rustic effect of the mismatched wooden elements against the soft light green backsplash, white, and brown colors.

10. 6m² kitchen

Violet can be a very intriguing color option for your kitchen but this design evokes simple sophistication from that hue with the use of careful coordinating in terms of color and material choice. We just love the classy dinner set on this counter.

12. 4m² kitchen

This time we have the timeless black and white combination. Need we say more about its timelessness?

11. 9m² kitchen

Speaking of intriguing, here's a geometric take on that word infused into a kitchen. If you're one who likes to infuse an element of eclectic with effortless mathematical precision, then this layout could be worth-pondering over. The floor here is even partially lighted to emphasize the pattern that generally go well with the whole retro mod vibe of the area.

13. 6m² kitchen

Every kitchen should have refrigerator which for this, has a yummy yellow color that complements the hint of blue of the counter chair. The rest of the elements were downplayed like with the peachy granite backsplash and the sleek wooden floor to reflect nicely the night lights.

14. 7m² kitchen

Other than your choice of wall color, check out some potted plants as well like say succulents to give you some peace of mind in them middle of cooking or whatever you do. For practicality pruposes, you can also consider purchasing plants used as ingredients, like mint, or basil.

15. 8m² kitchen

The white and gray combo works well for those who want to mix modern and minimalist styles without going boring. This kitchen at eight square meters puts those elements in just the right places and note the surrounding countertops which provide more space for you to prepare your meals.

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