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Magnificent urban villa

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“Owner's pride, neighbour's envy” is a phrase that we are all very familiar with, and this fabulous house is a good example of why you might love to own a house like this one. Not just for the reason to make your neighbour jealous, but for the the opportunity it offers to disconnect, relax and rejuvenate right in the heart of a bustling metropolis. Architecturally speaking, we particularly love how materiality and lighting has been carefully exemplified. An intricate façade, carefully crafted openings and plush exterior stone cladding make this house designed by Kumar Moorthy and Associates definitely stand out from the others in this urban neighbourhood. Stone façades are becoming extremely popular in Indian urban neighbourhoods due to the effects of smog and moist conditions in our cities.  Let's have a look… .

Stone facade

Stone façades are less maintenance intensive and tend to wear down much slower in the long run, besides giving the structure a more aesthetic and lavish appeal. With a home as lavish as this one, who would need a weekend home? As much as it's eye catching from the outside, one definitely gets a preview of what's in store for you in the inside.

Strip pool

Take a plunge and you are fascinated by a well designed strip pool. Strip pools are definitely a good option in urban neighbourhoods considering space is at a premium, and this house does incredibly well to fit in a beautiful strip pool along with a flower bed in the front overlooking the living room. This definitely brings a fresh and calm effect to the space. Imagine spending the evening here besides the pool after driving through the mad city rush. It would definitely let you enjoy that badly needed moment of Zen and the feeling of truly arriving home.

Heart of living

An atrium is a wonderful element to incorporate in a multi-story family home. It brings about a sense of transparency and helps in communicating across various levels, especially when different family members live at different levels. This atrium lit with natural light by a skylight brings in the early morning rays that keep the house warm and bathed in deep hues. Definitely the heart of this house.

Relax and rejuvenate

At times city life can be quite stressful, engulfed by mad traffic jams and high decibel levels. But with a massage room at home with soothing lighting and soft music, everything suddenly seems more bearable.

Classic comfort

A comfortable bed and a bit of classic touch is sometimes is all that is necessary to make your bedroom look gorgeous from the outside. The large circular classical mirror in the corner of this room seems like an intentional feature to see oneself first when you wake up in the lap of comfort. Definitely bringing a smile to start the day.

Modern luxury

Gone are the days when bathrooms used to be small and inconspicuous. Large shower cubicles and full-size mirrors have become synonymous with luxurious bathrooms. They are wonderful features to have if one has the space and the budget for them. Although this bathroom has a very minimalist aesthetic to it, one does nevertheless feel surrounded by luxury due to the intricate wall paper and chandelier style ceiling lamps.

Synergy of colours

Family rooms are the most lively and widely used spaces in the house; it's where the family comes together to watch television, cricket, or just to spend quality time together. This family room with its multicoloured couch, natural light from the atrium, and bright wooden floor panels does give you an impression about the synergy of this home. A place with warm hearts and minds.

Urban oasis

Before we leave we take one last glimpse around the house from across the pool. With ample interior lighting and an abundance of outdoor space, this house gives you the feeling of being in an oasis in an urban environment. A place to disconnect from the stresses borne out of a modern city lifestyle. Outdoor spaces like decks, gardens and large terraces in urban homes do help bring a more airy and comfortable living environment even in the most dense and congested urban neighbourhoods. 

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