Chic farmhouse kitchen table ideas

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Provence Villa in İstanbul Orkun Indere Interiors Country style kitchen
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Looking to add a touch of country flavour to your kitchen? A farmhouse kitchen table could be the perfect idea to complete the look. Farmhouse tables can come in styles from tradition with cafeteria style seating, to eclectic with splashed of colour and modernity. Choosing a farmhouse kitchen table is chic way to make the kitchen area more welcoming, cozy, and full of family style. These chic ideas are perfect for anyone looking for classic and hip farmhouse kitchen table inspiration.

An Updated Classic

This classic farmhouse kitchen table is the perfect addition to this light and airy kitchen. The white wooden legs and matching white tables give it a fresh feel. The table legs stand out as unique, with their intricate carvings. These legs juxtapose with the legs of the chairs which are sleek and modern, giving this eating area the perfect balance of both modern and classic design. The table top colour is a shade of cool brown, which flows perfectly with the kitchen floor to leave this room feeling bright and open.

Eclectic Farming

This table is definitely an updated and eclectic version of the farmhouse kitchen table. The designer used a honey brown wood table top which is a nice pop of colour against the white walls of the kitchen, and matched the kitchen counter tops. The table legs are modern with their sleek steel grey design. These modern legs are the perfect compliment to the chairs, cool blue stools on one side and at the heads of the table are two more modern, light blue chairs, also with modern legs. This eclectic style farmhouse kitchen table is the perfect addition to a modern, hip kitchen.

Industrial Style Farmhouse

This chunky table gives off a very modern, industrial feel. The colour is a light honey brown which keeps piece looking light despite the thickness of the wood. The table itself has very thick, straight legs which makes it feel very in style and new. The modern white chairs with silver legs adds to the modern feel of the table. Together, the table feels very hip and industrial, a great update to the farmhouse kitchen table style.

Chic Simplicity

Village manor house Tim Jasper Country style kitchen
Tim Jasper

Village manor house

Tim Jasper

This table nails chic simplicity. The small table is a beautiful rich brown wood, both on the table top and the clean, straight lines of the legs. The rounded edges give it a shabby chic feel, while not being overly feminine. The chairs have the same brown wood shade and the blue and white checkered seating pad adds chic country flavour to the table. With just two chairs, this table is a welcoming, intimate area, perfect for late night conversations over desert.

Cafeteria Style

​Mouse grey structured lacquer kitchen LWK London Kitchens Country style kitchen
LWK London Kitchens

​Mouse grey structured lacquer kitchen

LWK London Kitchens

This cafeteria style farmhouse kitchen table makes a bold statement with its cool, sleek design. The tabletop feature a light wood colour, which looks great against the dark grey of the table legs and kitchen cabinets. The legs of the table are chunky, yet feel modern with their clean lines. The two benches add fun to this table with their cafeteria style dining. With matching light wood tops and grey legs, this farmhouse kitchen table is chic and fun, ready for a family dinner or a night in dining with friends.

Unexpected Colour

KITCHEN TILES DT Stone Ltd Country style kitchen
DT Stone Ltd


DT Stone Ltd

This is a classic farmhouse kitchen table with an unexpected design element. The table top features a beautiful light wood, with a clean design of straight lines and borders. The legs introduce a lovely and unexpected pop of colour, a light sage shade that looks great against the wood and is not too overwhelming. The sage coloured chairs, classic in style, match perfectly. The effect is a beautiful classic styled farmhouse kitchen table with a great pop of colour.

Vintage Dining

Umbrian Limestone in country kitchen Floors of Stone Ltd Country style kitchen
Floors of Stone Ltd

Umbrian Limestone in country kitchen

Floors of Stone Ltd

For a true farmhouse feel, try this vintage inspired look. The table almost has a refurbished look, as if its lived many lives in many different country homes. The colour is a rich brown, which continues throughout the entire table. The legs add to the vintage feel with their unique carving. The chairs are the perfect compliment with their high, caged backs and vintage brown colouring. This table does farmhouse design right!

Go Round

This round table is perfect for a corner of a kitchen or a smaller space for big impact. The wood is classic, a great brown colour with matching chairs. The round shape of the table makes it easy to talk to family and friends, and brings a sense of intimacy within the room. The end result is a beautiful farmhouse kitchen table that feels welcoming and cozy.

Farmhouse Storage

This is a beautiful, great sized kitchen table with long pieces of wood that come together to create a table perfect for entertaining. The color is a great shade of brown, not too dark to make the room seem small, and not to light as to not match the dark brown tiles. The best aspect of this table? The drawer at the head of the table, perfect for small storage items, or even a deck of cards to play after a great family style dinner. The chairs compliment the table perfectly, great high backs, wooden legs, all matching the colour of the table. This classic table becomes unique with its unexpected farmhouse storage, a great design idea.

Modern Blend

Provence Villa in İstanbul Orkun Indere Interiors Country style kitchen
Orkun Indere Interiors

Provence Villa in İstanbul

Orkun Indere Interiors

This farmhouse table design is a mix of classic and modern. The table top colour is painted black, which gives it a definite updated look. The legs are reminiscent of pipe, which make the table look eclectic and unique. The choice of chairs contributes to the blend of classic style and modern. On one side of the table there is a cafeteria style bench, perfect to sit with friends and family. On the opposite of the table are classic style wooden chairs with an updated look- they are painted a teal in colour, which makes the black of the table pop even more for an all around modern blend interpretation of the farmhouse table.

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