Blueprint for choosing the perfect dining table

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Your dining table is in dear need of a change yet you find it difficult to find a new one. You are bemused by the overwhelming amount of choice, wondering how to bring home a table that meets all of your needs. You are perplexed by what size and shape the new dining table should be. Sound familiar?

If you are in such a situation, relax. We at homify are well aware of the difficulties of choosing any piece of furniture, so we've decided to help with some great tips. 

Let’s not waste any more time and begin our visual tour for the perfect dining table!

1. Measure the space

When building a home,we define spaces according to their use and adapt the elements we place inside them to match. Of course, the dining room is no exception. To ensure the dining table is suitable, taking precise measurements is vital. 

To determine the size and shape of the table you need, place everything surrounding your existing table in a precise arrangement. In doing so you will be able to calculate the amount of available space you have for the replacement.

2. Choose the material and colour

After taking the necessary measurements you should match the table with the overall feeling of the dining room. Both material and colour should be taken into consideration in order to blend the table harmoniously with the surrounding space. 

It’s best to remember that in interior design each element is a piece of an interconnected story.  In the image above, design firm Mariangel Coghlan has opted for simplicity and strength, with the wooden table connecting the blue chairs with the walls, thus perfectly balancing the room.

3. Perfect for square spaces

When you are dealing with a square room it will require careful arrangement of the furniture and decorative elements, especially those that are close to the walls. By implementing a meticulous structure you'll accentuate the space that is destined for the dining table.  

If furniture and décor features are attached to the four walls then you should go for a square table as it will consolidate better with the square lines present in the room. In the pictured example, Lavradio Design illustrates that when there is at least one free wall in the dining room, a circular table will be a great choice as there is no defined line to be followed.

4. Tables for long and narrow rooms

If your dining room does not have remarkable width but distinctive length, it will be a good idea if the design of the dining table follows the shape of the room. This is to help create harmony within the design.  

It helps if you look at the lines and shapes of your home as defining a path, with lengthy lines requiring similar furniture. Take for example the image above by Disain Architects. The elongated table is placed in parallel to the walls, thereby persuading the eye to follow the same path.

5. Perfect size for rectangular tables

If you are fond of rectangular tables then you should know they are usually most effective when long and narrow. Of course, the total area of the table will be determined by the amount of available space. In the above image, Habitat Workshop Architects, showcase total mastery of the rectangular dining table, combining its size perfectly with the room.

6. Round tables for small spaces

Unlike their rectangular cousins, circular dining tables are great for almost any space. While there are variations in size and material, what makes round tables so good is their adaptable nature. This circular dining table exerts dynamism and, with no edges, helps save much needed space. Countless homes favour round tables as they offer a nice blend of design and functionality.

7. The ideal size of round tables.

Finally, let’s talk about the size of round tables. The ideal size is, of course, determined by the proposed function. For example, a large family will require a table that has adequate circumference to accommodate all members without making anyone feel cramped. If the dining table is for a pair of roommates then this image shows an ideal size.

By following these tips, your new dining table will blend fabulously into your room and, after enhancing with some personal touches, will surely ensure that your dinner parties are long remembered!

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