10 simple tricks that make your home look expensive!

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You don't always need a big budget to give your home a luxurious ambiance. Often, it is the small details that interior designers swear by. With a few strategic decisions you can make the most of even a small budget to get an expensive look and feel. Here are ten tips to get you there. 

1. Choose quality

Dining Table with enamel lamp shades homify Modern dining room

Dining Table with enamel lamp shades


Less is more, and the same goes for furniture. It's better to have one or two quality pieces than a bunch of frugal furniture-- especially if you're going for a minimalist look. 

2. Maintain the garden furniture

The quickest way to give your home a shabby feel is to collect poor patio furniture. Either buy middle-grade furniture and maintain it, or re-upholster your old stuff. 

3. Add a large mirror

Mirrors aren't just for the bathroom. They can make any space look larger and therefore more expensive. 

4. Spacious living rooms

Wherever you're blessed with more space than necessary in your home, don't clutter it up. Resist this urge especially in the living room-- as it often defines a space in the eyes of one's guests. 

5. The house facade

The front of the house also creates a guest's impression. Re-vamping this space is super cheap, often it is the price of a can of paint, new lighting, or walkway stones. 

6. Harmonious lighting

It's best to have a little light in every corner, so the light isn't glaring and can be adjusted. Poor lighting will make the room feel cramped, the ceiling low, and the paint job awkward. Proper lighting will fix it all. 

7. Add a window

Natural light is the best lighting, and you can always get more of it by extending a window or making a new one. You'll want a professional for this job. 

8. Small adjustments in the kitchen

Don't jump into a full kitchen renovation just yet. Have you considered re-painting the cupboards, or changing the fixtures, or adding house plants and new sugar containers? Small changes can make a big difference. 

9. Pick one thing

When you don't have a lot of budget, something it is best to pour it all into just one element of the space. Flooring is a common choice, but this room proves a detailed ceiling is a great idea too. 

10. Keep it tidy

The most luxurious spaces are always kept clean. Sometimes a little re-organization can change the feel of the whole room. 

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