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How to make a triangular space more beautiful

Ronda Cochroche Ronda Cochroche
Im denkmalgeschützten Vierkanthof trifft Tradition auf Moderne, Pientka - Faszination Naturstein Pientka - Faszination Naturstein Eclectic style bathroom
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Where there is life, there is shape, form and matter. For this ideabook, shape and angular lines are the focal point, particularly triangular shapes. The form of a triangle rises from the ground reaching up to the sky, having this shape in one's home brings an audacious twist to the normally cubic or rectangular format a house or an apartment would have. Here are a few ideas to bring triangular beauty into a home and augment the space's character.

Cabin retreat

A more traditional yet still oh so charming note, is shown in the current image. The slanted roof of these cabin-like retreats fulfil every requirement anyone seeking for a blissful time to be had. The best feature of this lovely houses lies with the ceiling to floor windows; there's nothing better than taking advantage of the natural sunlight that comes streaming throughout the day. Once more the triangular stance prevails and offers a beautiful view.


The current picture is of a very minimalistic media room where audio-visual equipment and a stylish and modern chair have been placed. The attention is drawn to the lights that go along the ceiling walls that define the triangular shape of this peaceful media room retreat. The inside part of the snazzy light fixtures have been installed at the very top of the room that match the golden hue stemming from the back wall triangular shape.

Higher grounds

Here is a lovely example of how perched up ceilings can create a central point to the room and divert the attention to the focal element. The triangular shape of this ceiling gives a royal effect to this bedroom because it seems to have been taken out of a castle for someone of the court to retreat here and sleep away the hours. What also helps creating that effect is the delicate veil hung above the bed that promotes the intimacy that a bedroom demands.

Angular toilette

Here is a breathtaking way to include structural beams into the decor and the design of a room. The sturdy wooden beams add a touch of warmth and colour to this bathroom while including stunning shapes and angular lines. They also act as a divider for the room, where one's toilette is made on a side and the rest on the other. The modern touch of this rooms lies in the simple and uncluttered lines; no fuss no muss! This design has been made possible by Pientka—Faszination Naturstein.

Rooftop office

When angled roofs or walls are present in a home they could seem as though they are closing in the space. However, this image proves the very opposite, where the strong angular direction of the wall a large window has been installed. This home office space then has an abundance of natural light as well as an open effect that does not restrict the room, in fact it does the contrary: it opens it up to the outside world.

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