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AIRHOUSE DESIGN OFFICE Minimalist living room
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Many people have an ever growing desire for open spaces where they can revel in the beauty of Nature and where they are reminded of the beauty that exists all around. This element has been brought into homes over the years of modern living. More and more people decide to live in spaces that are almost without walls and where light flows everywhere. To live in one great big space is to live without barriers that hinder the thought processes going through the mind. Here are a few inspirations for open air living.

Open plan living

For city slickers and fast paced living, a open plan home is a sound choice to make. This loft has been cleverly distributed in different living quarters by furniture elements as separators. Not only do they bring a contemporary element to this loft but they also create a light barrier between the living areas. How about taking the stairs upstairs? The natural light still runs through this space which appears bright and inviting. A well lit space makes for comfortable and wonderfully enjoyable living.

Open Sesame

The image presented here is of a very minimalistic influences. The phrase :Less is more., plays an important part of this home because only the strict minimum has been included in this space to provide an open air effect in its truest minimalist forms. One can breathe and live comfortably with a minimal amount of furniture and decorative items. It goes without saying that an uncluttered living environment is the stepping stone to an unhindered mind. This design has been made possible by Airhouse Design Office.

Bathing in the sun

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Large Kitchen Conservatory

Vale Garden Houses

Another type of open space effect is displayed here with a brightly lit kitchen and dining room area. The more sunshine and natural light streaming through, the better. The advantage of having many windows and a majestic glass roof is that there seems to be only a limited amount of walls which promotes openness and space. This room is filled with light and life.

Contemporary openness

Modern living equates with sleek unabridged and uninterrupted lines, in simpler words modernism is where not so much fluff and ruffles or ornaments are present. The eye wanders to straight lines that have a minimalistic feel to them. This is the case for the image here, that is of one great space flooded with light and furnished with a stylish touch. The main colour tone is white which brings out the rich dark tone of the wooden floor: this proves that shades that are opposite in the colour spectrum augment each other marvellously.

Cosy charm

There is something cosy and inviting about the space featured in this picture. It is probably due the the high ceiling adorned with warm chestnut wooden tones and the strong wooden support beams that give the room structure. The chestnut tone has been kept and spread across the room with the groovy copper toned hanging lights, the dining room table set and the wooden bench by the window. This room is perfect for family gatherings since high ceilings offer more space and can house many people at the same time without feeling overcrowded.

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