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Home decor ideas with horizontal lines— 6 Amazing tips

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Classic style bathroom by innenarchitektur-rathke Classic
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Nature has always been a fan of stripes, vertical, horizontal and slanted alike. They are present in everyday life, so why not introduce them into a home? Having horizontal lines defines character into a home and brings a touch of class as well as a different kind of decorating that will have all onlookers envious of the stylish abode. Since life imitates Nature, here are a few inspirations to introduce that aforementioned idea into a house or apartment.

Elongated bathroom

The current picture displays the benefits of having horizontal lines in a bathroom. Since space is essential in a room that is as frequently used such as a bathroom, having lines that travel horizontally will bring in an elongated effect. This bathroom has also been decorated with a warm chestnut wood colour for the walls which then create a comfortable setting to do one's daily toilette.

Wooded surrounds

Here is a beautiful example of a Scandinavian style reading room that breathes peacefulness. The soft hue of the wood element present on the walls and ceiling of this room promotes concentration and regrouping which are essential when needing to focus and work away the hours. The horizontal element of the room greatly elongates the room which gives the impression of having more space in this reading room. This design has been made possible by Alventosa Morell Arquitectes.

Striped hallway

This image is the representation of how simplicity and an uncluttered environment can go a great way along making a cosy home. The soft beige and eggshell white striped wallpaper is agreeable to the eye, it also sets the stage to include another shade of colour to the equation such a the rose coloured lamp shades and the delicate flowers on the table. One can change the rose tint for any other shade and still create a welcoming space for the entrance of the house.

Of stone and concrete

For a modern and uncluttered effect, this kitchen is the ideal candidate. When cooking away in a kitchen, the working and counter space can available be a game-changer. This image is of a kitchen where horizontal lines have been prioritised in order to ameliorate this room because a kitchen requires space to cook the next meal. The neutral grey tone of the stone and concrete materials used here are an invitation for a buoyant colour to be included in the mix, just like the zesty orange countertop. 

Along came wooden slats

Wood has a multitude of functions that are useful to everyday life. It is a tool to work with for building but also for decorating and designing purposes. There is something quite earthy about the delightful colour tone of the wooden slats used for almost every surface of this outdoor area. Once more, the horizontal alignment of the slats create an elongated effect that doesn't hinder in any way from the grand view offered to the owners of this home.

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