15 pictures of wooden doors in your home

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Wood is an evergreen element that cannot be skipped out on at any cost. This ideabook focuses on how you can integrate wood in your home. 

Read on to find out how

​1. Double doors

Strong colors on the wall can find a counterpart in reddish hues. When we speak of the following idea, the preceding image immediately comes into mind.

2. The front door

Oregon brown is a welcoming hue and doors made of the same come with a welcoming aura. Reddish tones are unique so experimenting with them can work wonders on your home. 

​3. Dark Mahogany tones

Mahogany tones are ideal for stone walls as the preceding image displays. With windows to let the light in, this is one of the best ways to welcome guests into your home. Club this with ceramic tiles and you are good to go.

​4. For the hallway

Hallways are a great place to incorporate wood. When teamed with greenery, and screens they make for a wonderful walk to the front door of your home. Brick lined walls by the side are simply the icing on the cake of this lovely hallway.

​5. Modern entry

Wood and opaque glass are the ideal duo. When combined together, the aftemath oozes style and beauty. Any door can be designed in this manner although it works best for the front door.

​6. The great escape

Brick walls with concrete finishes go hand in hand. The lack of decor is clearly the highlight which just goes to show how simple elements can create the finish you seel. Minimalist and modern projects can adopt this idea.

7. Matters of the wardrobe

Opaque, dark wood is a great choice for wardrobes and closets. Simple motifs on the doors or simple designs work perfectly well for closets, hallways or cabins.  

8. Glass door

Wood and glass when combined, create an aura of elegance. Typically this entrance is suited for larger apartments or independent homes. Wood when polished has this beautiful finish which should not be missed out on at any cost.  

9. Closets

When it comes to furnishing, there's no skipping out on the wardrobe. Lighter brown hues are ideal if you're going for a subtle yet effective allure. 

10. Simplistic wood

Softly worked wood does have it's way of working as you can see. If you want a simple outlook that gels well with the rest of your room, then point that index finger at this design. The best part about this kind of wood is that it matches up to just about any color so picking out paints and decor shouldn't be a problem. 

11. Through the cracks

Another design that needs no introduction is the classic slit door. With slits in the doors the need for windows is eliminated in its entirety. A simple gold handle should work perfectly with this design. 

12. On the outside

House a wonderful wooden door such as this in the facade of your house and you will be looking at a marvel similar to this one.

13. Small closets

For areas that cannot accommodate a large closet, smaller ones such as this should do the trick. Splitting the closet leaves you with tiny room for experimentation.  Eucalyptus wood can provide a great effect. 

14. All clear

A glass wall that ends in a spectacular door such as this is indeed picture perfect. The slits in the door make the design all the more worthwhile.

15. The simple finish

Earthy colors and vegetation are the perfect combination!

These ideas are a great way to begin with. For more, visit this link.

Do you have any ideas for us? Let's hear them! 

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