8 pictures of kitchen accessories at affordable costs

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Making your house look beautiful is not just about the furniture or fixtures that you integrate. Rather there are numerous accessories that you can add to the space to transform it completely. This also proves to be an inexpensive way to remodel rooms like your kitchen which always need to be upgraded. 

In case you are trying to make your kitchen look amazing then here are eight accessories and their average cost for your reference.

1. Triangle steel sink

Most of us have to deal with similar dead spaces on the kitchen counters which results in a major waste of space. One of the ideal ways of utilising the area and also making it look great is by adding a triangle steel sink. These sinks are available throughout the country and would cost you around INR 1000 to 3000.

2. Steel chimney

If you live in an apartment then you know how difficult it can be to get rid of smoke due to lack of proper ventilation within your kitchen. One of the best ways to deal with this is by adding a steel chimney like seen in the picture. These chimneys are the best way to transform your kitchen and would cost around INR 7000 to 20000 depending on the chosen brand.

3. Utility items

Buying small utility items can also be a great way of remodeling your kitchen. Things like a branded set of knifes or cooking spoons can add a luxurious touch to the entire layout. Along with this you can also opt for other kitchen essentials like wooden coasters and plate racks to enhance the look. These items cost anywhere from INR 500 to 2000 on average.

4.Glass jar mixer and blender

Another important accessory that almost everyone requires is a mixer or blender. These mixers or blenders can also add a beautiful touch to your kitchen as they are included in some of the best electronic appliances. Depending on the brand and quality of the blender it can cost you anywhere from INR 3000 to 8000.

5. Modern Bar stool

If you have a bar or kitchen island in your home then the best way to make it fully functional is by adding similar looking stools. These stools are considered to be modern pieces of furniture which can transform the look of your kitchen instantly. A set of four bar stools can be bought for around INR 15000 or above.

6. Light fixtures

Adding designer light fixtures to your kitchen will not only make it look brighter but will also act as a showpiece for the entire space. If you are looking for ceiling light fixtures then these hanging lamps are an ideal choice. Each of these fixtures can cost you around INR 1000 and are also available online.

7. Cabinet drapes

We usually buy cabinets that have doors but if you are looking for a more flexible option than opting for such cotton drapes is also an excellent choice. These drapes make it easy for you to reach out for your kitchen essentials especially when you are in a hurry. You can also get these drapes hand stitched from any tailor which makes them inexpensive. Similar cabinet drapes would cost you anywhere from INR 300 to 500.

8. Crockery or dinnerware

Any kitchen is incomplete without a beautiful set of crockery or dinnerware. Some of the best dinnerware's available in the market today are made out of ceramic which also makes them durable. These ceramic crockery or dinnerware sets can be purchase from anywhere between INR 3000 to 6000. 

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