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Tradition and contemporary: The home of contrast

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A heritage listed home in the heart of England has received a unique contemporary rear extension. The original home was built in 1929, and is characterised by its charming traditional architectural style. However, in isolation the new extension represents itself as a modern design style. Despite the two styles being vastly different in appearance, somehow the traditional and modern styles have merged together to form one holistic home. The success of the project lies with the clever design team of Hudson Architects who have managed to find the perfect equilibrium between the two. Take a look. 

A merge of architectural styles

A snapshot from the garden displays the original buildings charming architectural character. Adjoined to the original home is an extension that is equally compelling in design. The architects have chosen modern materials for the extension, with glass, steal and concrete being three most prominent. Despite being modern in form and materials, in no way has the extension degraded or detracted from the original building. In fact, the new extension stands as a perfect addition to the home.

At night

In isolation, the extension presents itself as a symmetrical and open structure thanks to the large panes of transparent glazing. Using glass as the dominant material for home extensions has been a popular trend in modern style extensions. 

The finer details

An image from a side angle demonstrates how the extension has been adjoined to the main building. Connection into the main building is via a corridor that is constructed using glass as the material for both the walls and ceiling. Below the glass work the extension has bricks that are identical to the brickwork from the main building. 

From the inside

Looking from the inside out, we can appreciate the uninterrupted views the owners have of their garden. When the glass doors are opened up, the extension no longer feels as an exclusive internal area, but a part of the garden itself. 

The meeting point of glass and brick

Our final snapshot of the home reveals the amazing design interplay between the extension and the existing home. The transparent glass appears as a natural addition of the brickwork it adjoins. Few could have predicted that the merging of the two design styles could be so effortless, but the design team have proved it can be done. 

Overall, the extension has been a fantastic investment for the owners who can now enjoy spending their days in an attractive new setting. It really has changed the way they spend their time at home and will benefit them long into the future. 

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A spectacular modern extension

Do you believe it was a successful merging of traditional and modern design styles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 
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