6 beautiful gazebo designs

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Who wouldn't want to laze around in a gazebo and watch the day fade away, while enjoying some quality time with loved ones over breakfast or evening chai. A gazebo is a pavilion structure that can be designed in various forms, circular, octagonal, hexagonal or a square. Gazebos are freestanding or attached to a wall, and often built in parks, private gardens or waterfronts. They provide shade, shelter and a place to pause, relax and rejuvenate. Gazebos are popular in India both in private homes and in public spaces. Recent trends indicate that gazebos have become increasingly popular in restaurants and bars as well. Here we take you through some beautiful examples of gazebos in different contexts, take a closer look and let us know your favorite one.

Tucked away

Walking down to a Gazebo like this would envy everyone from your neighbour to your best friend. This easy to install light-weight wooden gazebo tucked away amongst the flowers is an ideal design for a temporary installation in a garden in early summer. What better than watching the freshly bloomed flowers in your garden while reading your favourite book?

Engulfed in luxury

Pampering oneself once in a while is not a bad thing; this luxurious gazebo is almost literally like taking your bedroom into the garden. The engulfing sunshade and soft mattress lets you unwind and disconnect while enjoying the soothing sound of running water and the beauty of freshly bloomed flowers in the garden. It feels like almost floating on a stream. Picture yourself spending a warm summer afternoon here.

By the pool

After a dip in the pool its always great to lie on a deck bed and sip on a glass of cold wine; especially when the sun has just gone down. The colours of dusk from the skies filtering through the roof blinds of the this monolithic gazebo gives you a sense of tranquillity with the mountains in the background.

Grown all over

For those of us who own a farmhouse or a small agricultural strip, this gazebo is spot on in blending with the context and presenting a very intimate and eco-friendly appeal from inside out. A great place to pause and have mid-day lunch whilst picking your self grown vegetable harvest during early summer.

Pop up moments

With new trendy pop up gazebos gaining more popularity, this Italian design company Momang designed this very minimalistic but practical gazebo which can be instantly installed and dismantled. Consisting of a lightweight tube frame structure and a table, it's a worthwhile investment for a small family to enjoy a barbecue dinner or spend some quality family time playing games in an open space.

Your moment of bliss

For those of us who haven't been fortunate enough to travel to the tropical wonders of the world, this tropical style gazebo with its four wooden posts, thatched hay roofing and colourful cushions gives us a sneak preview of how lovely and enchanting an evening in these beautiful places could be. Definitely worth spending a warm summer night over great conversation in one of these.

We think Gazebos have immense potential to bring out a variety of different moods and experiences while disconnecting from one's normal routine. Go ahead try them them out.

We hope you enjoyed these beautiful examples. For more great examples of gazebos have a look here.

Do you like these gazebos or, or is it too fancy for you? Let us know your thoughts below.

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