18 smart renovation ideas to make your small bathroom look stylish

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A large bathroom is a luxury that everyone cannot afford. However, with some smart innovative tricks and ideas you can smoothly transform a small bathroom into a luxurious space. Numerous construction and decoration materials are available in the market for the purpose. Still we need to know the latest trends and modern style that the world is following. Isn’t it? Well… leave that work for the Homify professionals!

In today’s ideabook, we have brought 17 interesting renovation ideas that will completely change the look and feel of your small bathroom. Let’s take a tour to get a glimpse of it!

1. ​Naturally attractive

Replacing the floor and wall tiles with natural stone is an excellent and durable idea. The natural beauty, unique shades and different textures of the stone will make the small bathroom look stunning.

2. ​Magical illumination

You wish to change the decor but don’t want to go for major overhauling; change the lights and reveal the magic. Hide the lights to create a mystical environment and to highlight the little details.

3. ​Decorative accessories

Throw that old mats and ceramics and replace it with brand new shiny and beautiful ones. These little changes can make a major difference. Trust us!

4. ​All in a row

If the bathroom is small, use a single wall to fix the bathroom essentials. This smart trick will maximize the space utilization and will give a lot of free space for movement.

5. ​Highlight a wall

Just make a wall the center of attraction! Color it differently, use texture or show your creativity to make the wall look differently beautiful. Your bathroom will turn up into an interesting space.

6. ​L-for the luxurious look

L-shaped layout is perfect for square bathrooms. If you have one, go for it and then unleash your creativity and make it look luxurious and fabulous.

7. Soothing for the eyes

Light colors go well in small spaces. Play with the contrasting shades of light colors in your small bathroom. It will sooth your mind and will be a treat for the eyes.

8. ​Squeeze in the bathtub

If you were planning to install a bathtub but were concerned about the small size of your bathroom, take a clue from here. Squeeze in a small bathtub in your small bathroom and soak in the comfort.

9. ​Detailing the color

Take away the boredom from your bathroom and make it a lively place with the right color choice. Perfect detailing with color can make a whole lot of difference.

10. ​An antique piece

If you have a treasured piece to hang, like your grandmother’s mirror, hang it in your bathroom. An antique piece in modern bathroom! Why not?

​11. A touch of brightness

Light colors look good in small space. But a touch of brightness looks great in any area. Contrast the light color tiles with a line of bright mosaic tiles and feel the bubbly energy in that small bathroom.

12. ​Wooden warmth

The charm of wood spreads warmth and gives a modern twist. But make sure that the wood is properly treated because the bathrooms are moist area.

13. ​Small and simple

It is important to keep the size of sink, toilet seats and other sanitary requirements of small bathroom is proportion. Change it if anything is of oversize. Keep it simple and clean.

14. ​Transparent wall

Separate the wet area from dry by a glass door. The transparent look will also give an illusion of space.

15. ​Modern furniture

Design a stylish cabinet under the modern sink to make your bathroom look fabulous.

16. ​Illusion on the wall

Mirror has the power to create magic in small bathrooms. Visually enlarge the space and charm of your bathroom by strategically covering the walls with mirrors.

17. ​Welcome greenery

Liven up your bathroom with a few pots of greenery. Even a single plant can make a huge difference. Try it!

18. ​Color the towels spread

Make the humble towels a piece of decoration by playing with its colors and contrast. Towels are the bathroom essentials that can bring colors without burning holes in your pocket. So change it to give your bathroom a fresh look.

If you are looking for ideas to decorate your small bathroom, this ideabook is for you: 14 ideas to decorate your small bathroom

Do you have more ideas to make a small bathroom look spacious and beautiful? We are waiting to hear from you.

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