20 pictures of kitchens to inspire you

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
Clerknwell London duplex, ESTHERRICO Design & Businness ESTHERRICO Design & Businness Modern dining room
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The beauty of a kitchen lies in its functionality. A kitchen that is not functional makes no sense. While decorating a kitchen, planning is essential. Before starting to decorate, make a list to kitchen appliances you need and design around them. This makes the task easier as you exactly know what you want to do. 

  Here are 20 mind blowing ideas that will inspire your kitchen design:

​1. Stainless steel appliances

Stainless steel appliances give a modern look. Finish the countertops in glossy black granite.

​2. Customize according to your liking

The possibilities are endless. Your kitchen should reflect your personality.

​3. Keep it simple with grays

Design your kitchen using white, black, and gray for a timeless look.

​4. Add a pop of color

Pick a color and add it in small details in your kitchen.

​5. Scandinavian vibes

Use turquoise ceramic tiles in your kitchen to make it look fresh all day long.

​6. Open kitchen

London duplex kitchen living room overview ESTHERRICO Design & Businness Modern dining room
ESTHERRICO Design & Businness

London duplex kitchen living room overview

ESTHERRICO Design & Businness

Take down the wall between the kitchen and the living room, to get a bigger room. It works best for modern living spaces.

​7. Add an element to it

Use geometric patterns to separate the kitchen from the dining area, so that it doesn’t become the center of attention.

​8. A cozy kitchen

Add wooden details, such as cabinet knobs, to give the kitchen a contemporary look.

​9. Camouflage the dishwasher

Wisely choose the color of your interior such that the dishwasher goes unnoticed.

​10. Add personality to the floor

Though most people choose to go with white tiles for the floor, you can add some personality to it with mosaic patterns.

​11. A modern kitchen design

If you have a small kitchen, put it to maximum use with an L-shaped kitchen organization.

​12. Textured walls

Give depth to one of the walls of your kitchen with some texture. It can either be ceramic tiles or simply paint.

​13. Add speckles of bright color to the kitchen

Add some spark to your kitchen by using bright colors such as red and yellow in it. Don’t overdo it.

​14. Custom furniture

If your kitchen if of an irregular shape, get customized fixtures so that everything looks in balance.

​15. Experiment with bricks and wood

Using bricks and wood together gives a very cozy feeling to the kitchen.

​16. Utilize the shape to its maximum

If you have a small kitchen, use the L-shaped orientation for efficient functioning.

​17. The kitchen should reflect your style

Trabajos, Inmarosa Inmarosa Modern kitchen



If you are an outgoing person, add some pop of color to your kitchen to reflect your personality.

​18. Hang photos on the kitchen wall

Who said you could only hang pictures in the living room?

​19. Island kitchen

Build an island in the center of a big kitchen to make space for storage.

​20. A rustic look

Create a modern and elegant kitchen by covering one wall with ceramic tiles or bricks.

For more inspiration, check out this ideabook

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