10 easy and cheap kitchen decoration ideas

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Decorating a kitchen on a budget is a difficult task. Since you can’t compromise on the quality of appliances, it leaves you with less money to decorate the kitchen. The first thing to do is to find inspiration, then find different ways to fit it in your budget, and execute the task.

It is important that your kitchen is just the way you want because that will give you mental peace while cooking. You should enjoy being in the kitchen.   Here are ten pocket-friendly kitchen decoration ideas that are of great use:

​1. Industrial style kitchen

Replacing wooden cabinets with metal ones gives the kitchen a contemporary look. Metal cabinets are economics and durable than wood ones.

2. Pastel colors

Pastel colors add freshness to the kitchen. Light colors are ideal for any kitchen decor. Give a glossy finish to the countertops for a sophisticated and sleek look.

3. An artistic wall

If you want to add some fun to your kitchen, turn one wall into a mosaic.

​4. Dining area in the center

If your kitchen merges into the dining room, place your dining table in the kitchen. This way, you get extra space to work, as the room is now bigger.

​5. Brick-walled kitchen

It gives the look of a Mediterranean-styled kitchen. A brick wall is easier to maintain and gives a nice rustic look.

​6. U-shaped kitchen

This organization of the kitchen gives you extra space for storage. This shape works best when you have a long kitchen.

7. A slate wall

A slate wall is ideal when you have small kids and want to keep them entertained while you eat or cook. You can also write down ideas that come to your mind while working; it may be a new recipe or business endeavor.

​8. A two-color design

Don’t add too many colors to your kitchen, since it is small and would make you anxious while working. The best combination is white with the warmth of wood in the design.

​9. L-shaped kitchen

An L-shaped kitchen is the most functional and aesthetic among all kitchen arrangements. If your kitchen is tiny and you can’t find extra space to store and work, you can attach a foldable wood slab to the kitchen counter.

​10. With a vertical garden

If you love herbs, but don’t have enough space to grow your kitchen garden, make a vertical one. Mount pots of herbs on a wall.

For more kitchen inspiration, check out this ideabook.

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