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6 best organization ideas for Indian kitchens

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No matter how big your kitchen is, organizing it is always a struggle. There is no one solution to this problem because every kitchen varies in size and shape and number of kitchen appliances. Two things to keep in mind while designing your kitchen is—functionality and comfort. Also, the kitchen should reflect your personality. That means, even the refrigerator, the cabinets, and other appliances you choose should match your style.

 Always keep your appliances in an imaginary triangle in its order of use, so that it is easier for your to move around. Appliances towers are functional too. You can stack the oven and microwave on top of the other and free some space in the kitchen.

1. The island

If you have a big kitchen or a kitchen with only three walls, an island should be your choice. It is a versatile solution as it provides space for a breakfast bar, work area, extra storage, and place for the stove. You can also shift the sink to the island so that there is free space to work on the main kitchen counter. 

2. G-shaped kitchen

A G-shaped kitchen arrangement is the best when you have a square kitchen. Since a square kitchen looks very boring, G-shape is an interesting option. It provides greater work area and ensures the flow of work. The uneven shape adds freshness to the boring square shape of the kitchen. 

​3. U-shaped kitchen

This type of kitchen distribution is ideal for smaller kitchen, so that maximum use of the available space can be done. It also allows space in the middle to move comfortably.

4. Kitchen with bar

Kitchen with bar is ideal for studio apartments, so it separates the kitchen and the living room. This bar can not only be used as a breakfast counter but also provides space for extra storage. 

​5. Linear alignment of the kitchen

If your kitchen is in the corridor of your house, a linear arrangement works best. This gives you enough space for movement within the kitchen and while going from the living room to the bedroom and back. 

​6. L-shaped kitchen

Mostly all modern homes come with an L-shaped kitchen. It is highly functional and works best for small homes. The little bit extra space this kitchen style provides can be used to store snacks or coffee and tea kettles.

For more kitchen inspiration, check out this ideabook.

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