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20 bedroom ideas that will inspire you

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Has it ever happened to you that you look around in your bedroom and find something missing? That’s because you are missing on the minute details that give character to your bedroom. Decorating your home is all about adding a personal touch to everything, then may it be your living room, bedroom, or the bathroom. 

Here are 20 bedroom ideas that will come handy while decorating your bedroom.

​1. Upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture gives a rich look. By mixing and matching textures and prints, you can give life to your bedroom. 

​2. A pretty cover for the bed

The bed is the main attraction in a bedroom. Your choice of bedding will ultimately influence the beauty of the bedroom. 

3. Comfort to the eyes

Aesthetically too, the bedroom should look comfortable. Apart from the bed, if you keep a small sofa or a comfortable chair in one corner of the bedroom, it increases the comfort. 

4. Add a special picture to the room

 Add character to the bedroom by framing a picture and hanging it on the prettiest wall.

​5. A quirky header

If you like going bold, getting an unmatched header for your bed is a great idea. If your room in less in height, a tall header that reaches the ceiling would give length to it. 

​6. Rearrange your space

A modern bedroom has a lot more items than just the bed, dresser, and wardrobe. Plan your space strategically, such that it has space for a reading and working area as well. 

7. A touch of nature

You can keep small pots of cacti to make your room look fresh and bright all day long. Rooms with plants are always cooler and have better oxygen quality. 

8. Turn an old door into a header

DIY your header with a pair of old doors. Paint them white and fix against the wall.

9. Lighting adds a special effect to the room

No matter how beautifully you decorate your bedroom, if you don’t have proper lighting, it defeats the purpose of decorating.

10. Let the natural light come in

Don’t go for thick and dark curtains. If you like the curtains drawn during the day as well, go for sheer curtains so that the daylight can sneak in.

11. Beautify the room with wood

No bedroom is complete without wood. Add wood to your room as a headboard or a wooden desk.

12. Keep it simple

Too many different shapes and textures in the room will give excess movement, which isn’t desired in a bedroom.

13. Entertainment area

A bedroom is for your to rest and relax. Don’t put up a television in your bedroom.

14. Make your bedroom look vibrant

Keep your bedding simple and add color using pillows and photo frames. You can keep changing the pillows and photo frames according to the season.

15. Your bedroom should be in harmony

In case you share your room with somebody, always have a pair of every decoration.

16. The type of curtains you select

The curtains you choose should look sophisticated. Preferably there shouldn’t be any designs or texture on it. Its best to consult your designer regarding that.

17. Give structure to your bed

Get over those boring beds and go a little crazy. While a round bed isn’t functional, a four poster bed is a fantastic idea.

18. Don’t forget to decorate the walls

Walls are often ignored while decorating a room. Paint the walls, give them texture, hang frames on it but don’t go overboard.

19. Decorate what’s outside

If your bedroom has a balcony, don’t leave it barren. Keep two chairs on the balcony along with a few flower pots.

20. A brick wall

Give your bedroom a rustic look by keeping one wall of the room as it is. It gives a contemporary look, and you don’t need to decorate the room much either.

For more bedroom inspiration, check this ideabook.

Which one of these bedrooms inspired you the most?

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