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There are many ways and ideas to select the right colour to paint your room, but at the end of the day, the colours you pick must be ones that make you happy and those that give depth and life to a room. Sometimes, even after a lot of deliberation, you may end up finding a colour that can saturate or bore with time. It is therefore prudent that you find a colour that is bright, lovely and will add life to your room. A colour that you will not wish to change within a few weeks. After all, painting is an expensive affair, isn’t it?

If you want to achieve a room that exudes contrast and depth, break the chromatic monotony and use more than one tone to paint your room. Choose a dark colour that is in trend and fashion such as black, anthracite grey or chocolate brown and the adjoining wall or front of the window in a white or light colour.

Awaken your imagination with these brilliant paint ideas and enjoy the colour and life it brings to your room.

1. Pick any two colours of your choice and create a vivacious and jovial space

The lime green or pistachio colour, or even apple green are bright color options. This is a great color to pick to create an active and modern ambience. Team this with white, which will add brightness to your room and also make it look more spacious.

2. Choose a dark colour if the ceiling of your room is high

Choose a deep shade of aquamarine or emerald which, despite being dark are also very cheerful and do well in bringing out the best in a room with high ceilings. Contrast this with white for a bright and striking look.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

3. A shower of colours

You can also paint two adjoining walls in deep grey and the other walls in the room in white. Add brightness and life to the room by choosing furniture and decorative in a wide palette of colours.

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4. Try a light beige

This is a design idea that you simply cannot go wrong with. Beige with a touch of pink satin will transform the way your room looks. Add lighting under the shelf and a few table lamps and this satin of the beige will reflect beautifully.

5. Love the sea? Bring it to your room

Use this formula for a super modern look. White (49%), Navy blue (49%), Yellow and oranges in accessories (2%)

6. Dark grey and white, mystery and light

Use an excess of white light and against a wall painted in black. This will not only give your room a modern and chic look, but also make it look rather elegant. The addition of a single black wall, against an all-white background gives the room a touch of mystery. Also, go in for white furniture instead of wood for a more appealing look and feel.

7. Vegetable green for a warm and tropical style

Paint a single wall in green for balance and order. Green is said to strengthen relationships and combined with orange emit a tropical feel and warm emotions.

8. Multicoloured paintings

For a decoration that isn’t boring, but very rebellious and jovial; paint one wall in lemon-green and the other salmon orange. The furniture that goes in must be chosen meticulously too. Pick really colourful paintings to go on the wall.

9. Neutral colours are always good

Use white and neutral colours to achieve an elegant look. This will seamlessly blend with any type of furniture and highlight the accessories and accessories that you wish to highlight.

10. Use vivid bright orange without fear

The bright orange creates a lively, cheerful and fearless space. It complements the white that gives you serenity with light. With both joy and serenity

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Which of these ideas inspired you? Let us know in the comments below.

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