17 stylish ways to improve the entrace to your home

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The entrance of the home is the reflection of the personality of the people who reside there. A welcoming exterior will be appreciated not only by the guests, but, also by the passersby.  Imagine a beautiful entrance with a lovely garden, but unimpressive steps climbing up to the home. It will be a blotch on the beautiful home, isn’t it?

The Homify professionals have come up with quite a few simple and elegant ideas of steps for the entrance. Let’s have a look at 17 amazing designs of steps for your wonderful home.

Get inspired and step in style!

​1. One looks lonely!

Where one step was enough, two steps have been created to enhance the beauty of the entrance. The grey stone of the steps extends up to the door to give it a modern touch.

​2. The warmth of wood

Warm wooden steps take you up to the cool stone covered entrance. It is amazing!

​3. Tastefully done pathway

Large chunk of concrete strategically placed in a haphazard way will make your steps enchanting. It is an interesting walk!

4. Just a couple of it

Just two steps bring a visual dynamism near the entrance. Keep it low or high, it depends on the height of the door. Match the steps with the décor and mesmerize the surroundings.

​5. Hop and step

Large concrete steps leading to one another bring some fun element near the entrance. Let the kids hop and elders match your steps with them. Hopping is fun!

​6. Rest for a while

Several small steps taking you to the fabulous door looks amazing and interesting. And if you need to break your steps or stop for some rest, there is one step right in the middle.

​7. Merging with the surrounding

It is a perfect fusion of steps and ramp, a friendly entrance for all. If your budget allows, go for it!

​8. Symmetry in asymmetry

Clean and clear tiles laid beautifully on the staircase have elevated the look of the facade. The asymmetry in symmetry is attractive.

​9. Elegant and classic

A little resting space at the two ends and a few steps in the middle; it is a classic way to step in style that looks modern. Play with the material and give your personal touch to it.

​10. Holding the rustic charm

You can never go wrong with wood and stone around. It will be a delightful climb!

​11. Matching the steps

The irregular shape of the steps is perfectly matched with the design of the entrance. It just merges with it and is difficult to imagine anything different from this.

​12. Steps to the porch

The stairs from the side lead to the little porch from where the guests and the residents can step into the house. It is an interesting way to welcome the guests’ home and maintain the privacy.

​13. Broken steps

The heavy concrete slabs deliberately placed on the grass makes the walk elegant. It is an innovative idea and attractive too.

​14. The graceful metal

Choose the material that can withstand the tough weather condition of the outdoor. After all it is the steps near the entrance. Metal could be a good choice as it is strong, sturdy and graceful!

​15. Stylish stairways to another level

You cannot ignore the looks of the staircase that is connecting the two floors from the outside of your beautiful home. Less is more! So, keep it simple, neat and elegant to match with the façade.

​16. Minimalist and simple

The purpose of the stairs is to connect the two spaces and make the movement easy and comfortable. Keep that movement simple and smooth with the minimalist design that blends with the environment.

​17. Brighten up the evenings

What looks elegant in the daylights will transform into a fascinating steps with hidden lights brightening the climb. It will be a walk to remember!

Visit our ideabook to get more ideas to illuminate the entrance of your home.

Which one of these steps to the home entrance inspired you the most? We are waiting to hear from you.

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