13 ideas to make the most of your space in a small bathroom

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Bathrooms has become one among the important rooms in the house. They have ceased to be just spaces for personal hygiene and have become the place where we can relax and refresh ourselves, especially when they are spacious enough to provide comfort. 

The reality is that most current homes have reduced square footage, which results in space being sacrificed in many of the rooms, including the bathroom. 

In today's ideabook, we present 13 design ideas for taking full advantage of the dimensions of a small bathroom, so that it is comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

1. Transparent doors or screens

In  small bathrooms, usually, the shower is in one of the corners, and we cover it with a curtain, which although decorative, takes away the luminosity in the space, making it look even smaller. A great alternative to solve this problem, is to replace the curtain with a glass partition. In this way, you will give a modern look to the design of the bathroom, besides bringing a brighter and more spacious feel to the area.

2. Take advantage of every corner

When there is little space, its distribution should be carefully considered. The idea is to take advantage of every corner, because while it doesn’t allow movement, the space can be adapted to hold furniture that we usually place in other parts of the bathroom.

3. Practical and decorative furniture

Another vital point is the choice of furniture in the bathroom. Priority should be given to designs that are multifunctional, so that they provide storage solutions for personal hygiene items, besides being decorative.

4. Storage furniture

To show what can be achieved by taking advantage of the corners, we have the following – a cabinet that serves as a cupboard, which allows us to organize all the articles that are needed in the bathroom. For adding a cosy decorative element, include some beautiful wicker baskets that bring a natural feel to the decor. To make the space even more effective, you can include clothes racks in the corners of the bathroom.

5. Squeeze out what you can from existing items

If you have a heating system like a radiator in your bathroom, you can get more out of it than you think. In small bathrooms, it is common to experience a certain amount of dampness, because the towels don’t dry completely as they are too close to each other because of the lack of space. 

How about hanging them from the radiator? Not only will you get an extra towel rack, but you'll also get beautifully warmed towels!

6. Extend the counter

Near the sink, we can find many options to solve the problem of lack of space. It’s a good idea to extend the counter along the width of the wall. You will not only have more space on the top, but will also gain additional space at the bottom, where you can install drawers, laundry baskets or whatever else you need.

7. Built-in modular units

Modular furniture will give an avant-garde appearance to a small bathroom. They can be placed in the corners or even in the higher parts of the walls to add a decorative touch. Additionally, with these units, you can install a lighting system with LED lights to add to the modern look.

8. Enclosed cabinets

If you also have a washing machine in the bathroom, place some cupboards on top. They can hold items that are not used every day, in addition to detergents, clean towels and toilet paper.

9. Place a large mirror

To create a bright ambiance full of light and an effect of amplitude, do not hesitate to place a large mirror above the sink. In addition to creating the illusion of light and space, the presence of the mirror, will also force us to keep the bathroom in perfect order and without clutter, because its considerable size, will reflect every part of the bathroom.

10. Shelves in the shower area

It is common to find the shampoo and soap kept on the floor of the shower, as this area of the bathroom usually has few resources for storing items. You can incorporate many small shelves, like in this example, to keep the area better organized and thus, gain a little more space.

For more tips on storage in bathrooms, see 7 savvy storage solutions for a small bathroom.

11. Suspended parts

Elevating fixtures such as the toilet, to make them appear that they are floating, can help to give the feeling of spaciousness in a small area. This alternative is also very modern and elegant.

12. Furniture without handles

Removing the handles from the furniture will present the spatial perception of lightness. It is a small detail in the design of the furniture, but will make a big difference.

13. Pay attention to the floor

Finally, let's not forget that we can also use the floor. While it won’t help to gain space, it is a strong element for creating the effect of largeness. Installing tiles with patterns throughout the space, as we can see in this image, draws our attention to the sensational suspended yellow cabinet with a sink and presents a contrast with the white walls. Colour will also help to boost the effect of lighting and aesthetics.

Do you have any other ideas to share? Comment to let us know.

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