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20 bedrooms with many ideas to copy

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Those who love decoration and interior design are always looking for a good idea! Whether it's for the kitchen, the living room or that little corner that seems neglected, real design lovers like to get to know the trends, explore themes, discover functional suggestions, and even a good bargain. And, at homify, we are always eager to help! 

Today we've selected 20 fantastic images of projects with tons of great ideas to find the next inspiration for your room. Get your notepad ready and join us as we help you to discover your idea of a perfect room!

1. Art or crafts?

We begin with a very simple idea, but one that can transform any  room into a rustic or country-style space. It combines old, mismatched furniture with textiles of ethnic patterns and some modern, more functional furniture. The final touch comes from a handicraft or a work of art, a piece that defines the style. This is a perfect shabby chic room!

2. Bold and creative

In this photo, the most interesting and original idea is the structure of the canopy bed lined with the same fabric as the upholstered headboard. You can replicate this idea with any fabric and with a bed of your choice.

3. A different wall

Invest in the walls of your room to make a difference! A bare cement wall may not seem like the most stylish or cosy idea, but with the right accessories, you'll get a special room that is full of character.

Get more design ideas for walls here.

4. Colour and functionality

In this vibrant room, we take two fundamental ideas. A strong colour to give life to the decoration can be a wise choice, and adding functional furniture guarantees comfort!

5. A folding bed

Is the room small, and does it need to serve other functions besides sleeping? Have no fear! Get inspired by the picture of this room. Install a folding bed, and you will have room for everything.

6. Pure white

Using white in a room ensures more space and light, especially when the area is small. To give more visual impact add colour to rugs, curtains or cushions, or stick to white with only black to contrast.

7. The shabby chic appeal

Another shabby chic style, this time using antique royal-style furniture that is restored and painted with pastel and white colours – a popular trend.

8. Neutral colours and simple decoration

For those who love simplicity and neutrality, colours like coffee brown, cream or beige are perfect for decorating the room. Use darker or deeper colours for the headboard and keep the accessories simple and functional.

9. A platform for sleeping

Placing the bed on a raised platform may seem like a strange idea, but we guarantee that in addition to being beautiful, it can be quite practical. You can take advantage of the space under the platform to install shelves and drawers for more storage space, to organize your sleeping area more effectively and still maintain a minimalist style.

10. Hand painted mural

Art is special, whatever its shape and size, and a mural painted on the wall of your room will mean that you have a work of art (one you really like) always in sight!

11. Spring freshness

If you like nature and its elements, bring them into your home! In this image, the turquoise gives life to the headboard, and spring invades the space with the motifs of birds. This is a very simple design, and it has a huge visual impact, besides creating a relaxed atmosphere, which you will definitely want to copy!

12. The drama of light

This image shows the impact that good lighting can have on the decoration! The style itself is quite simple and relaxed, but the lush blue lights positioned behind the bed and the unique ceiling lamp create a very dramatic setting.

13. Low cost style

And why not get down to work and build your own bed? Inspired by the above image, use recycled wood and an old door, with its lock and latch still in place, to create a unique piece of furniture!

14. Embraced by wood

It is undeniable that wood can create cosy environments like no other material can. This room is very modern, but its wood flooring gives you the feel of a mountain cabin and makes you feel like you are in a warm hug that is a welcoming change from the cold outside!

15. Taking advantage of hidden spaces

Rooms in attics will always result in hidden spaces with a very special ambience. In this room in a small studio in a loft, the beams on the ceiling are used to establish the division between the kitchen and the bedroom, and window serves as the headboard of the bed.

16. The past and the future, hand in hand

In this room, we find a modern wall coated with wallpaper in mint green and grey, reminiscent of a forest, which gives a very natural look and fresh feel to the space. The shabby-chic style furniture was bought in a junk market and restored!

See this ideabook for more ideas on using wallpaper in your home.

17. Painted brick

An effective way to create inspiring and unique spaces is by combining textures. Coatings such as brick, wood and thick textiles can add charisma and style to your room. It’s a relatively easy style to replicate in an old house.

18. Think outside the box

We have already seen above how to create drama using lighting, but in this room, we perceive how to do it to get an atmosphere of calm and serenity. In the above room, the roughness of the stone is softened by the heat from the wood, and both connect through the Illuminated wall, which makes the space glow in a unique way. You can replicate this idea by incorporating lighting into the ceiling, mirrors or furniture in your room.

19. Sleep in the illusion

Yes, you are seeing right, maybe you aren’t, because the base of the bed is not visible! With a transparent acrylic base, this bed seems to float above the floor in an optical illusion that is reinforced by the headboard in a contrasting and strong illuminated colour. Different, isn’t it?

20. A nest of light

And finally, we show you a simple idea to achieve, but one that can create a substantial impact and a special environment in your room. Similar to the previous project, here too there is a brightly lit banner above the head of the bed. This idea provides light for reading, makes your favourite décor accessories stand out and creates a fantastic bedroom. All you have to do is make a niche along the full length of the wall, coat it a lighter colour than the wall, and then, illuminate it well!

Which of these ideas will you copy? Let us know in the comments.

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