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10 amazing color combinations to make your house look bigger

Natasha Kurien Natasha Kurien
Modern living room by Imativa Arquitectos Modern
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The black and white days have passed us, and so have the monochrome ones. A palate of colors are at your disposition spoiling you for choice but there often is a cloud of doubt that hovers over you especially at times when you are unaware of the color combinations that will work for you. Today, we're bringing forth some ideas that you can incorporate in your home. 

Explore these 10 ideas far and wide before you make it the theme of your rooms. 

1. The woods with leafy shades

Recreate the great outdoors with this phenomenal living room. A checked wooden floor is seen filling up the room while the wooden doors and furniture play second fiddle to none. Also of noteworthy importance is the furniture picked out which resembles the woods. 

2. Orange with a sprinkle of chocolate

Bright shades such as orange bring life to a room as is seen in the above image. To add a bit of diversity, you can go with chocolate shades of wood. Potted green plants when placed against a striking background such as this completes your room. 

3. White in a nutshell of walnut

Another way to make a room seem more lively and interesting is to introduce a wall of wood as opposed to a plain old one. White would be ideal to contrast dark woody shades as well as the walnut shade seen in the picture. 

4. White with the flame of candlelight!

Candlelight wood adds a unique dimension to the room that it is placed in. In cases where it is used as the flooring, it's true nature is revealed. In order to avoid overpowering the sheer beauty of this masterpiece, white and cream are used for the ceiling and walls. 

5. White with the taste of olive

Sober shades like olive accentuate the aura of a room as is seen in this room. White as usual, plays the lovely protagonist filling up the spaces that the olive hued wall left behind. 

6. White with a hint of wood

White is an omnipresent shade, never running out of style. Seldom do you find a home without white walls to vouch for it. The great thing about white is that it can be teamed up with any hue. Pick out brownish or coffee colors with white to make the overall presence of both shades felt. 

7. Light blue with a douse of caramel

Home Staging Pecan Valley San Antonio Tx Industrial style living room by Noelia Ünik Designs Industrial
Noelia Ünik Designs

Home Staging Pecan Valley San Antonio Tx

Noelia Ünik Designs

Aqua paint adds a certain tranquility to a room which cannot be replicated by any other shade. Break free from the tranquility, with a caramel hued couch such as this. Add in elements of color to complete the room.  

8. A couple of shades of grey

For an overall sophisticated look, turn to different shades of grey as this living room demonstrates. A palate of grey shades are seen which blend in together perfectly well. 

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9. Grey with a pop of red

Grey furniture by itself doesn't particularly stand out, unless followed up by a bright color such as red. These two hues go hand in hand, much like two peas in a pod. 

10. Grey and blue skies

Relive the beauty of dawn with a living room such as this. Sky blue furniture alongside grey furniture is a pair made in the heavens! 

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Do you have any color combos brewing in your mind? 
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