10 ideas to combine your kitchen, living room and dining room

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Building different rooms for various purposes is so outdated. More and more people are now opting for combined or multi purpose areas for their homes so that they do not have to build separate sections. Apart from being a great way to save money while constructing your home it is also an easy way to make the space look modern. 

To give you an idea of how you can combine your kitchen, living, and dining room together here are 10 reference pictures that you can use.

1. Single panel partition

For small compact houses creating a large partition is not an ideal choice. Instead you should opt for a similar looking single panel fittings which will mark the separate areas without making the room look cramped.

2. Long room layout

For those of you who have a long rectangular shaped room like this then opting for a similar layout is an ideal choice. The designer has used a single wall to incorporate the kitchen as well as the living space. Along with this he has also turned the island into a dining space.

3. Half wall partition

If you do not want a completely open kitchen then this half wall partition is a great alternative. By creating a partition with glass and bricks you can achieve the privacy that you are looking for and yet will be able to eliminate the use of permanent walls within the room.

4. Connected dining table

Another great way to combine the areas together is by connecting the dining table with your main kitchen island. By doing so you can make the space multi functional. This will also make it easy for you to serve food as you do not have to walk from one room to the other.

5. Enclosed kitchen

This enclosed kitchen layout can also be a great alternative while you are trying to combine different areas in one room. The kitchen has a service window which gives you enough space to pass on food making it easy for you to cater your guests.

6. Narrow kitchen

If you want to give your dining and drawing room more space then the kitchen then opting for this narrow layout is the perfect choice. By using a single wall to install cabinets and appliances you can keep the rest of the room free for other purpose.

7. Spacious layout

The best way to make a room looks spacious is by setting furniture in different corners. The designer for this house has used one corner to create a living room whereas the opposite corner to incorporate a dining table.

8. Wooden partition

If you have a large room that needs to be transformed then installing this wooden partition between your living and dining space is highly recommended. This type of wooden partition will give your home a beautiful and elegant touch.

9. Open layout

If you have a small room that needs to be utilised then this open area layout is the best option. The designer has created a kitchen island which acts as a dining table and also a preparation area for your meals. Apart from this the L-shaped couch can also give you a maximised seating area.

10. Compact layout

The designer of this house has opted for a open kitchen where all the counters are set in a U-shaped which gives you enough space in the middle. Along with this the dining table is also situated right in front of the kitchen so that it is easy to move around.

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