7 pictures of L-shaped kitchens for small homes

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An L-shaped arrangement of furniture is suitable for making the most of all areas, and in kitchens with limited space, this design is usually the most appropriate. For this reason, we present 7 models of professionally-designed kitchens in an 'L’. You’ll love them and will be inspired to copy the same design at home. Don’t miss these pictures, and see for yourself how you can create magic in just a few meters of space.

Kitchens in a ‘L’

They get this name due to the distribution of their furniture in the form of the letter L, with two workspaces set in a 90-degree angle. One of the advantages of this design is its ability to integrate a lot, which not only makes it ideal for small spaces, but also for large kitchens where it leaves enough space to include a dining room or an island.

In retro colours

Garnet-red and olive with touches of white give this kitchen a stunning combination. A beautiful hood in stainless steel, cabinets with storage areas – both over and under the counters – and a rounded edge at the end of the cabinet blend the modern and retro styles.

Classic black

Although light colours are usually used in small spaces to give a feel of amplitude, in this case, the paradigm is ignored by the predominant use of jet black, which combines with the white prints on the walls to create a sensational, classic style kitchen.

Solid wood and granite

The combination of natural wood and a dark grey granite top is very successful in conjunction with accessories in stainless steel accessories. It is another trend that has been on the rise lately and is a design that is functional and modern.

Like the sea

This kitchen recreates the beauty of the sea, with the imposing white colour in its lacquered furniture emulating the foam of the waves, and the tempered glass lacquered backsplash in blue resembling the immense volume of the sea. It subtly wraps the area in an atmosphere of freshness and is simply spectacular!

Modern and vibrant

Vibrant red compact cabinets lacquered in a glossy finish, black laminate worktop, stainless steel accessories, asymmetry in the cabinet size, the uniformity in the base, white walls with a special touch of stone cladding on a column… all these details put together a kitchen that looks very showy.

Very original

This kitchen has a rustic style. In the reduced space, natural wood is the protagonist. Shelves and edges of cabinets stand out. The wall is coated halfway with sand-toned ceramic tiles that contrast the white on the rest of the walls. For a touch privacy, curtains are provided to hide the equipment and articles arranged in the different niches of the cabinets.

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