10 Kitchen Types to Apply for Your Small Kitchen

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Creating a fully functional kitchen in a small apartment might sound difficult. But with the help of different designs available online you can make the entire process of finalizing the layout very easy. Along with this you can also find references to make your space look modern. To help you identify the top six small kitchen designs that you can use in your house here is an ideabook that we have put together.

1. L-shaped kitchen

If you want to make your kitchen look spacious than this L-shaped layout is the perfect option.  This layout can be situated in a corner which gives you enough walking area within the room. Along with this you can also opt for modern looking fixtures like seen in the picture to make the space look beautiful.

2. U-shaped kitchen

For those of you who require a lot of storage in their kitchen then opting for this U-shaped layout is also a great choice. This will give you specific corners for your appliances, gas range, and the washing section so that everything is not cramped up in one location. This is also the best layout when multiple people what to work in the kitchen at the same time.

3. Parallel kitchen

Another simple way to make your kitchen look open and airy is by opting for this parallel layout. By doing so you can place your counters on either sides which giving you the entire middle section to roam around.

4. Single wall kitchen

If you have a small family then this single wall kitchen can also be worth considering. The designer has made sure that the kitchen does not take a lot of floor space in the apartment. Apart from this to create adequate amount of storage the designer has also used the vertical space available by installing cabinets above the counter.

5. Sleek looking kitchen

For those of you who do not want to create a separate kitchen and dining areas than opting for this sleek looking layout is highly recommended. The entire first section of the kitchen is dedicated as to a breakfast counter giving you enough space to sit and eat comfortably. Apart from this the other two counters have ample preparation area.

6. Creative kitchen storage

Building a small kitchen does not mean that you need to compromise with the storage space. By opting for creative ways to design your storage you can not only maximize the available area but can also make it look beautiful. The designer for this kitchen has used vertical space to create a hanging shelf which also gives the kitchen a unique look. 

7. Colurful fixtures

Another simple way to design a beautiful small kitchen for yourself is by adding colourful fixtures. These fixtures will make the entire room stand out and will also make it look modern. You can also buy appliances of the same colour so that they complement the decor.

8. Utilizing the corners

If you have a lot of curves and corners in your home then designing a kitchen platform taking all those sections in consideration can be a great alternative. This will give you a unique looking cooking space and will also maximize the platform area of your room.

9. Open kitchen

For those of you who do not want to create a closed kitchen then this small open layout is worth considering. The designer has added a small island so that he could maximize the storage space and to utilize it as a dining table.

10. Glass and wood combination

Another way to decorate your small kitchen is by combining glass and wood fixtures together. As seen in the picture the designer has opted for wood to build counters and glass to create wall mounted cabinets.

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