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Renovating a decades-old imposing duplex to give it an entirely new look while retaining its aura of grandeur is a sizeable task! The team of professionals at Studio An-V-Thot Architects Pvt. Ltd. undertook the project in New Delhi with enthusiasm and with careful renovation that involved taking down unnecessary walls and merging spaces within the old structure, they converted the old building to a vision of modern magnificence! Let’s take a tour of this luxurious abode!


Entering the house, we see an impressive white jaali wall enhancing the impressiveness of the double-height lobby.


Unique furniture and accessories!


The beautiful jaali partition is an ingenious way of connecting the two levels of the house.


The lounge offers a cosy, relaxed ambience with comfortable grey sofas and cushions, trendy centre tables, a vibrant rug and accessories, and a rough stone floor.


This lovely view of the courtyard is a decided bonus!

​Lobby and lounge

The double-height lobby flows seamlessly into the lounge with a difference in flooring.


This unique work of art on the wall is a splendid contemporary touch.

​Formal living room

The formal living room is a breath-taking ensemble of rich wood, dark leather, beautiful backlighting and an elegant false ceiling.

​Living room

What a gorgeous idea for lighting!

​Living room

Plants adds a refreshing green note to the décor.


The state-of-the-art kitchen has an exquisite blue kitchen island and matching lacquered blue glass backsplashes that create a striking contrast to the light and dark grey colour palette.

​Dining area

The classy dining area has a 10-seater table with 6 blue leather chairs. The table is a masterpiece of laser-cut corian and an extended glass top, and the trendy lamps complete the picture.

Dining area

The design of the table matches the ceiling panel above!

​Dining area

Break the monotony of chairs with a comfortable leather bench!

​Dining area

The laser-cut design is repeated on the inside of the dining table.

​Dining area

The futuristic look of the cupboard, mirror and accessories complements the dining area.

​Bedroom 1

The warm colours of this luxurious space are enhanced by rich, vibrant accents to create an enviable bedroom!

​Walk-in closet

The walk-in closet looks grand and has practical storage.


What a grand washroom with an eye-catching mirror!

​Bedroom 1

The accessories and furniture are unique and trendy.


An elegant courtyard for enjoying a foot massage in the yellow recliner!

​Double-height space

The laser-cut back-lit panel and rectangular chandelier look spectacular from the upper floor!

​Bedroom 2

A self-sufficient bedroom!

​Bedroom 2

What a trendy space-saving idea!

​Bedroom 2

Padded comfort for relaxation!


This modern bathroom is a contemporary beauty.

​Bedroom 3

The third bedroom is a beautiful example of simple luxury.

​Bedroom 3 study

This is one nifty study nook!

Studio An-V-Thot Architects Pvt. Ltd. have fashioned a gorgeous modern home within an old structure.

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