6 unique ways to use wrought iron in your home

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Since its discovery, iron has always fascinated humans and captivated their imaginations. With the advancement of technology, the malleable property of this sturdy metal attracted the creativity of the architects. From industries, iron found its way to make the buildings strong. Slowly it became an indispensable part of our home. Bars, railings, protective grills, gates are few of the common things made of wrought irons.

Later on, the creativity of interior designers gave a diverse dimension to this metal and broadened its use. They elevated the beauty of this metal immensely. It is amazing to see the intricate and delicate designs made from this strong metal. From ornamental detailing to a complete piece of furniture, from kitchen to the garden table, it can fit anywhere with the same elan. If you are looking to use wrought iron in your home, then Homify is here to help you.

Have a look at these unique and unusual ideas; unleash your creativity and make something different from the humble iron.

1. Protecting your home beautifully

Safety and security of home is our utmost priority. Ordinary rods or grills can protect but are boring. The good news is that with wrought iron you can give shape to your wildest imagination. Fluid and ornamental forms can be formed using wrought iron. The beautiful protective design on doors and windows will look strong and elegant. You can even design the handle bars with wrought iron for the uniformity in material and design.

2. ​Holding it with pride

An imperfect match made perfect! We love this original and amazing idea of supporting the fragile glass with strong iron. Gracefully elegant shelves, benches, wall pieces or even chairs could be created by creatively moulding the wrought iron and matching it with the element of your choice. Take a clue and give your home an artistic twist.

3. ​Bold and beautiful

The furniture crafted out of wrought iron looks bold and attractive. Very intricate design and different patterns can be created on it. Mix and match it with wood to make it look warm and modern. Here the smart combination of wooden breakfast table and wrought iron chairs is spreading a feeling of comfort.

4. ​Coffee table or a piece of art

Geometric patterns crafted on the coffee table are only possible because of the wrought iron. It looks distinct and original. The simple lines making haphazard angles gracefully hold the delicate glass on the top. The malleability of this metal sets you free and gives freedom to think differently. It’s possible to give shape to your dream design, believe us!

5. Vertical garden on the wall

It is possible to create a vertical garden on the wall that too stylishly. The strength of iron will allow you to put your green pots on it and it will hold it with ease. Customized it according to your needs or design a beautiful indoor garden to bring home the greenery.

6. ​Traditional pots with modern touch

Have you ever heard of pots made of wrought iron? If not, then here it is for you. If you want something to hold your precious plants strongly, then take a clue from this design from the studio Arqflores. The decorative wrought iron pots will look spectacular in your garden, both indoor and outdoor. A traditional touch to your modern space!

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Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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