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19 planter designs that fit perfectly in small spaces

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Due to the limitations posed by their dimensions, small patios should be well planned. The choice of furniture and colour in the area should feature simple lines and neutral tones so that the atmosphere doesn’t look too saturated.

What you should not miss is the presence of plants, and the best way to include them is with planters, as they help to bring order and elegance.

In today’s ideabook, we show you 19 designs for planters in small spaces. We are sure you will love them.

1. If the yard is in front of the house, make it spectacular!

This small patio decorates the front of the house, and without a doubt, it does so with style. The planters have been arranged as a fence to protect, to a small extent, the privacy of the patio, which has a comfortable rattan sofa.

2. On the floor, attached to the wall

3. Metal embedded in the wall

This patio is charming and invites you to relax and enjoy it. What makes it even more fascinating, is the planters on the wall, which are painted in a soothing blue that contrasts the rest of the earth tones that dominate the environment.

4. Playing with unevenness for a harmonious distribution of planters

Unevenness generates the effect of having wider spaces. We cannot always alter the architecture of a patio, but we can play with planters to create this effect as we can see in the following image.

5. Vertical gardens

Earlier, we mentioned that walls play a vital role to help us decorate small spaces. In a patio, the idea of turning a wall into a vertical garden, with planters mounted on a wooden panel, will bring warmth and charm to the environment.

6. Decorating the façade of the house

7. Luminous planters for narrow and elongated spaces

Balconies can look exceptional if you choose the right planters. For small and narrow spaces, the best option is to use neutral and clear tones. This example has some fantastic ideas. The clear wooden floor and the originality of the planters in a metallic finish, give a luminous sensation and an effect of amplitude.

8. Planters to create a cosy corner that is well used

In small spaces, the biggest challenge is to make the most of the area. We can lean on corners (which are rarely given proper attention) as well as lateral spaces to give them an exquisite decoration. In this courtyard, the planters have been distributed across the walls. The sober shades of gray and the white accent cushions contrast elegantly with the beauty of the vegetation.

9. An example of the advantage of unevenness

Here, you can see a clear difference between the levels in the patio, which makes it exquisite. The combination of wood with the tiles adds texture and brings a lot of originality. The planters have been arranged along the sides and at the back of the raised deck, to allow free circulation in the area.

10. Mini

11. Creativity without limits

A garden can be recreated in any space, as we show you here. You can recycle old furniture and give them back the personality they once had, by converting them into stunning planters as has been achieved in this design.

12. Modernity and elegance in small doses

This is another example where dark colours help to create avant-garde and sophisticated spaces. The choice of grey and black for the planters is fantastic. Combining the raw colours of the furniture and the vibrant orange notes from the flowers, this space is modern and elegant.

13. Stone, wood and unevenness

We often forget the tiny spaces, but as you can see, they can, nevertheless, look spectacular. This small and narrow balcony, has made the most of its space with a wooden raised planter that matches with the path of stone and wood.

14. Beautifully lit planters

To enhance the beauty of the patio and its planters, good lighting will help make the decor exceptional, as we can see in this image.

15. And, they can also hang

Here we can see that they have taken advantage of the corners to place small planters that can accommodate plants. However, the exceptional detail is the idea of including hanging planters, over a table that also houses a few smaller ones.

16. Making impact with walls

If you have the budget, this is a great idea. The open walls that we see in this image, allow the plants that have been placed in very elegant planters to be seen. Not only does it look sophisticated, but it also adds freshness, light and an exquisite touch to the aesthetics of the decoration.

17. Combination of stone and fire

Combining materials and elements, will add a lot of strength to the decoration of your yard, however small it is. Here, black planters border the seating area, which has at its centre a warm stone fireplace.

18. Close to the fountain

19. Functional pieces

At home, we have pieces that we can use to create an original planter. What do you think of this little ladder? On each step, you can distribute a variety of small planters that will not rob you of space, but will make your patio a lovely place.

For more design tips for your patio, see 20 ideas to make your patio look good.

Which of these ideas will you use for your patio? Answer in the comments.

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