10 Design Ideas for Animal Lovers

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These 10 design ideas for animal lovers express our affinity for animals with imagination and style. For those of us who find inspiration from animals, these adorable designs will lift our spirits and soothe our souls. Incorporating these designs into your home is a beautiful proclamation of love for the animal kingdom. It is an appreciation of the diverse species that share this planet with us. 

If you're looking to add life to your home, integrating portraits of animal life into your living space can breathe life into dull spaces. You can also invite animals into your home by making a space for them with traditional ideas such as a birdbath, or more modern ideas such as a wild bee house. 

This ideabook features some lovely animal paintings, creative animal-inspired furniture and homeware, and mini animal hotels for visiting animal guests. Browsing through this ideabook might be a bit more sophisticated than watching cat videos on YouTube, but conjure up similar emotions nevertheless. 

Minimalist Animal Painting

This beautiful painting of snowbears will camouflage perfectly in a white, minimalist styled living room. Peintre Animalier specialises in animal paintings and potrays dominant colour schemes in his paintings, ideal for minimalist designs.  

Animal Painting With a Red Colour Scheme

This animal painting with a red colour scheme creates a design that is simple and rich in red tones. This majestic elephant feels up close and personal in the perspective that it's been drawn in. Let's hope it doesn't give us a fright in the morning! 

Peintre Animalier also has a variety of other animal paintings to astonish you. 

Comforting Doggy Cushion

It's impossible not to be comforted by those gentle Doberman eyes peering at you. The artist has beautifully captured the emotion in a dog's eyes which evokes feelings of kindness and compassion. The orange coloured background also adds to the warmth of this adorable piece of art. 

The artists at Thuline, Studio Gallery also have other animal prints featured on cushions, such as sheep, geese, and highland cows. 

Gothic Owl Lamp

This gothic styled lamp features an owl. Being a nocturnal bird, the owl is said to represent death and darkness. The dark side of the owl is aptly expressed in this lamp. 

Spider Table

A table fit for Spiderman, this creative design is inspired by our eight-legged friends. Its artistic and unique design is amiable even if spiders creep you out! 

Hammerhead Shark Clothes Stand

This creative hammerhead shark clothes stand is simply fishing for compliments. Let's put it this way, it'll be easier to fish out clothes when you need them. All in all, it's a fishy idea in the sea of animal lover designs. 

Doggy Style Study Lamps

Dogs often brighten up our days. These doggy style study lamps are proof of that. The playful features of the study lamp allows you to toy around with it, and change its positions. The doggy style study lamps are available in a variety of colours. Maybe it's time to take a walk on the wild side? 

Bee Hotel

Wild Bee Hotel ELLA JAMES Garden Accessories & decoration

Wild Bee Hotel


Bees are the most important pollinators in the insect world. Without bees, food won't grow. Currently, wild bees are facing extinction because of all the pesticides used in agriculture. Let's help save the bees by creating a bee hotel for them in our gardens. The bees will reward us by pollinating lots of beautiful flowers and plants in the garden. 

Butterfly House

Butterfly Hotel ELLA JAMES Garden Accessories & decoration

Butterfly Hotel


Aren't butterflies fluttering around the garden a lovely sight? Butterflies bring vibrant colour and effect to gardens. So, go ahead and invite butterflies into your garden with this cute little butterfly house.The more diversity you have in your garden, the more your garden will thrive and bloom. What you sow, you reap. 

Victorian Style Birdbath

Floriana Bird Bath Solar Powered Water Feature Primrose Garden Accessories & decoration

Floriana Bird Bath Solar Powered Water Feature


This Victorian style birdbath is an oasis for birds to take a refreshing bath and drink some water. Birds are also important pollinators, and a joy to have around. Be entertained by sweet bird songs and add life to your garden with this traditional birdbath. 

You can find more designs suitable for animal lovers at homify here

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