15 railing designs to decorate an Indian home

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The railing serves a high level security function in a house—to protect its residents on balconies and raised terraces, giving them security for not falling or having a lamentable accident. But these security elements also serve as decoration for the facade, making them much more interesting and giving them a visual addition that allows them to look much more attractive. Today, in homify, we present 15 designs of balcony railings, by our  professionals , which we are sure you will love. Come and see them! 

1. Classic-modern combination

A classic combination that never fails on a modern facade is the use of stainless steel railings with tempered glass sheets, creating a sturdy railing but with a visual lightness that makes it the favorite of many designers.

2. With opaque glass

This simply designed railing integrates opaque glass that adds to the modernity of the simple lines of the architecture of this pretty house.

3. Metal designs

The geometric visual game created by this beautiful metal-based railing goes hand in hand with the modern design of this well-defined volume of the house, which combines textures in an attractive way on its facade.

4. Totally handcrafted

At present, the value of handrails made from wrought iron continues to be valued, and you can see why with this beautiful example of the great quality of the material that can be found today.

5. Fully glass

What better way to integrate a safety rail to an ultramodern design than with a strip made entirely of tempered glass, which helps maintain a clean and well-cared for composition.

6. Almost imperceptible

This glazed railing almost goes unnoticed, since its design integrates perfectly to the architectural composition of this incredible residence, making it an integral part of the house.

7. Light

Creating a railing with simple metal elements, in a simple design, creates a light protective structure, which fulfills both its safety and aesthetic function.

8. A functional design

The simple black metal structure with the tempered glass sheet creates a functional, clean design and well-maintained aesthetic.

9. A base of bricks

These railings form small brick buds, which protect each of the balconies of this multifamily building, giving a lot of personality to the architectural composition.

10. Totally rustic

Using local wood, this design creates a rustic railing and gives a much more interesting personality to this beautiful house of tropical design. A real beauty!

11. A work of art

In previous images, we mentioned the handmade designs on the railings, but this goes a little further, becoming a true work of art, which, in turn, serves as protection for this balcony.

12. Speaking of combinations

This railing combines an area of concrete painted in a reddish hue with a segment formed by a sheet of tempered glass that makes it look fantastic, while protecting residents on this balcony.

13. Following the design of the house

In this case, the railing made of sheet metal and a simple structure, follows the same design lines of the composition of the  house, making it look like an integral element of the facade.

14. An original design

Combining a low wall with glazed windows creates a railing that gives a unique character to the facade, giving great originality to its design.

15. With a traditional charm

Lastly, we present you these beautiful wooden railings, in a traditional style, which not only adorn each of the balconies of this beautiful residence, but also protect its residents, allowing them to enjoy the excellent views of the surroundings in total safety.

For more inspiration, have a look at 8 pictures of railings to inspire you.

Which railing design do you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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