6 easy storage ideas for the house

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Storage ideas for the house can save space and minimise clutter. These storage ideas will help you organise your home efficiently and creatively. A beautiful home can become chaotic without proper storage. Here you can find creative storage ideas for bicycles, books, shoes, the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom and the living room. 

Kitchen storage

Bespoke oak larder homify Country style kitchen

Bespoke oak larder


It's easy keeping the kitchen organised and clutter-free with this kitchen storage cabinet. This kitchen storage keeps all the clutter behind closed doors and out of sight. It has shelves to store spices, herbs, and other food products; and drawers to store kitchen utensils. You can also easily fit in a microwave into one of the shelves. Clever kitchen storage ideas like this one can make cooking in the kitchen much more pleasant and less chaotic. 

Bicycle storage

Bicycle storage can be tricky especially if you live in a small place with no storage options outdoor. Storing a bicycle indoors does not have to look out of place if it's done with some creativity and style. This shelf provides a creative storage option for the bicycle and for other things with it's unusual shape. Mikili—bicycle furniture also has several other styles and options when it comes to storing bicycle indoors.

Creative wall storage for bicycles

A bicycle is not only a functional mode of transportation, but can be a cool wall piece as well. Storing bicycles indoors can be challenging, but with this creative wall hanger, you can store your bicycle in style, fill up empty walls, and save lots of precious space. This creative wall storage allows you to hang heavy stuff on its horns. Other than a bicycle, there might be other things like fishing poles or other sports equipment which one could hang there instead. 

Bathroom storage

This bathroom storage design which is placed right under the bathroom sink is convenient, practical, and efficient. Finding stuff can be a challenge when the bathroom sink is cluttered with lots of things. The mini drawers within the drawers allow you to store all those small things which could easily get lost lying around the bathroom.

This bathroom storage design is not only ideal for small bathrooms with limited space, but actually any bathroom that has a tendency to get cluttered. Unfortunately, the bathroom is one of those places which tends to get cluttered with lots of stuff. Cleaning a bathroom sink which is full of stuff can be time consuming and bothersome. Organising things efficiently can save a lot of time and reduce unnecessary stress. 

Another great bathroom storage idea utilises the bathtub as a storage solution. Little compartments integrated into the external shell of the bathtub provides an ideal space to store shampoos and soaps. 

These clever bathroom storage ideas will make the bathroom experience smoother and more conveninient. 

Bedroom storage

This bedroom storage idea features a children's room. Children's bedrooms often get cluttered with toys and other stuff, but having proper storage in the bedroom can help solve this problem. For example, having a bed that doubles up as a storage cabinet is a great way to make more space and help keep the room tidy and neat. 

Small book shelf

Tilt bookshelf Obi Furniture Study/officeStorage
Obi Furniture

Tilt bookshelf

Obi Furniture

This small book shelf allows book lovers to leave books all over the house without creating a mess. This small book shelf is ideal as there may be several spots in the house where you might have books lying around because you like to read there. One big book shelf sometimes just isn't enough. For example, some people like to read in the bathroom, but bathrooms often lack a space for storing books. This small book shelf would fit perfectly in a bathroom or anywhere else around the house. 

Having a small book shelf like this can be helpful for creating reading corners all over the house or dispersing your book collection in various spots all over the house. If you're trying to cultivate a reading habit at home, leaving books all over the house with this simple storage solution can help to create easy access to books. 

Still can't enough of space? Here are more storage ideas for the house on homify. 

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