13 hot tips for a cool home this summer

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The solstice has come and gone, which means that we are now in the throes of summer, and, with that in mind, you need to start thinking about how you can keep your spaces cool and refreshing! Ask any interior designer and they'll tell  you that you should be maintaining your home inline with the seasons, which means digging out the throw blankets in autumn and figuring out how to keep cool in summer. From your bedroom to your living room, every area in your home can be kept pleasant and bearable, just by implementing a few amazing techniques, so how about we tell you what they are? Come on; your cool summer home awaits!

1. Unplug the TV and close your laptops.

Even when they're not in use, your favourite technology items can be emanating extra heat out into the room, so close those laptop lids, get the TV switched off and don't leave anything on standby, if you can help it!

2. Make your own air-con!

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Air conditioning is a big investment and with the summer months being unpredictable in the UK, it might not be worth thinking about, but you can still get a little refreshment! Grab a bowl of ice cubes, place them in front of your desk fan and feel the cool breeze as it washes over you!

3. Freeze your pillowcases.

To make sure your sleep isn't interrupted by cloying heat, pop your pillowcases in the freezer for a few minutes, before you turn in for the night! Keeping your neck cool is a great way to regulate your body temperature.

4. Avoid synthetic materials.

Synthetic materials in your home tend to get a little warmer in summer, so why not save them for the cooler months? Instead, look for high thread-count cottons that will let everything breath a little more!

5. Make an ice-water bottle.

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We all love a hot water bottle in winter, but in summer, you can fill your container, pop it in the freezer and et voila! An instant bed cooling device that can be popped amongst your sheets before you get in! Amazing!

6. Turn off the lights.

Just like your technology, lighting gives out a certain amount of heat, regardless of what bulbs you have installed. Just be sure to turn off any lights that you don't need on and it will help to maintain a more ambient temperature.

7. Put a time limit on showers.

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Long showers have a tendency to really heat up a bathroom, especially if it is on the modest side. While cracking a window will help, it will be worth putting a time limit on everyone's washing time, to be sure that the heat and humidity doesn't get a chance to build up.

8. Add shutters to south-facing windows.

Any windows in your home that are south-facing will always draw a huge amount of heat indoors, so it is a good idea to get some pretty shutters in place. With a quick adjustment, you can block out direct rays, without shutting out all the light and let's be honest; shutters look PHENOMENAL!

9. Get the fresh air flowing.

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Speaking of windows, you need to make sure you are using yours to keep fresh air flowing around your home. Crack all your windows and open a few doors and get a restorative breeze infiltrating every room in your home. Instant and free air-conditioning!

10. Try not to use the oven.

Summer is for salads, so if you can, steer clear of using your oven, as nothing will heat your home up more! For those of your with traditional AGA stoves, you'll want to get to grips with seasonal switch-offs, as they give out SO much heat and wouldn't you love to save money on your running costs for a few months every year as well?

11. No tumble-drying!

If you're not going to use your oven, you sure as heck shouldn't be considering drying your clothes in the tumble dryer! Talk about just filling your home with hot air! Instead, grab an airer and pop everything out on your patio to dry more naturally. Your clothes will smell nicer too!

12. Add a little shade to your balcony.

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Prevention is better than cure, so before your balcony heats up too much for you to make good use of it, think about adding some screens. Even a simple trellis fence panel will block some of the heat out and give you access to a pleasant outdoor area.

13. Shade yourself from direct sunlight.

Speaking of prevention, it can be a great idea to install an awning at your home, to make sure that the sunlight can't directly infiltrate your rooms. Mounted to the wall of your home, an awning will keep your interior protected and offer you a covered outdoor space to enjoy too. Genius!

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