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This home has been designed by the very talented design team at Sumedhruvi Design Studios. Not only have they taken the contemporary theme and given it an elegant twist, but have also created a rather royal flavor with their distinct elements. The compact home has many eclectic touches which has something for all kinds of design personalities. Yet, the home remains uncluttered and completely functional even with all its luxurious trappings. Don’t believe us? Come and have a look at this space in our next home tour!

Mughal Motifs in the Living Room

Once you set foot inside, you reach the beatific living room which has many elements even as it retains a neat look. Mughal motifs render a royal look here, albeit in small doses like the cushions, drapes and the panel that holds the television. To keep a cosy vibe in the space, the designers have used wooden flooring while the contemporary style couches look sumptuous in their velveteen turnout.

​A Zany Entrance

The main entrance of the home has a zany play of light and pattern. The frosted glass pools in an animal print style while the clear doors have the august company of a backlit, coppery name plate that announces the home owners’ last name.

​Colorful Surprises in the Living Room

If you thought the living room was all about neutral hues, then you need to do a retake. The colorful artwork has pretty roses nearby for a vibrant spot. The royal motifs can be seen in the false ceiling where a panel has been laid for the fan. Storage can be found at one end of this space with a low sideboard.

​Entertainment with Elegance

The television has been set in the centre of a gold dusted wallpapered panel bearing pretty motifs. The red roses make an appearance here too while a sleek black stand sits below the TV.

​Exotic Touches

This large hall like space has an exotic touch with the burgundy hues in the wall paper on one wall and on the ceiling as well. This matches the wooden flooring even as the drapes give it all an elegant lift. The carved three dimensional artwork on one side ties in all the hues.

​Dramatic Look in the Bathroom

As if the golden window frames were not enough in this creamy hued bathroom, the designers also added a vibrant black and brown hued tile that has delicate swirls.

​Cream Hued Luxury in the Bedroom

This bedroom has a luxurious vibe with cream accents like the wallpapered wall holding slim shelves. The drapes and the bedding bring in matching hues with a brown and red touch.

​Luxurious Bathroom

This bathroom has royal looking panels of tiling and gilded windows with granite and cream hued touches as well. The small space has been done up with the right dose of all the various elements so that one gets a wholesome look with a royal vibe. They lighting rounds it all up neatly.

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