6 ways to make your bathroom look lavish

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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We all love the way five-star hotel bathrooms look but it is not always possible to incorporate the same design in our homes. Most people do not understand the small features or elements that these lavish bathrooms showcase. This makes it all the more difficult for us to design our bathroom.

If you too are looking for ways of making your bathroom look lavish then here are six pictures that you must consider.

1. Stone wall

To give this bathroom a unique touch the designer has opted for a stone wall for the entire room. He has used sleek stand stone pieces so that the wall does not dominate the rest of the fixtures. Apart from this the colours of the stone is also kept light so that it can blend easily with the decor of the bathroom.

2. Marble floor

The floor of your bathroom is as important as any of the fixtures. For this reason opting for a natural stone like marble is the right way to go. This will not only give your bathroom a luxurious look but will also make it long lasting. Marbles are available in different pastel shades which makes them complement any type of decor.

3. Corner tub

If you do not have enough straight wall to incorporate a tub in your bathroom then opting for this corner fixture is highly recommended. These tubs can be installed in an L-shape corner making them compact. Apart from this these tubs can also add a modern touch to your bathroom that you may desire. You also get an option of ceramic and plastic tubs to choose.

4. Colourful cabinets

Opting for white cabinets and fixtures is not always essential. Instead you can opt for designer colourful cabinets and shelves like these to make the space look beautiful. Apart from this they also give your bathroom great vibe making the space look lively.

5. Fresh flowers

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on remodeling your bathroom then the best way to make it look beautiful is by adding fresh flowers whenever possible. These flowers can be placed near your sink or even in hanging pots from the ceiling to give your room an amazing look.

6. Mirror partition

For those of you who have a spacious bathroom, partitioning the shower area from the rest of the room is a must. You can use a mirror wall is instead of plain glass to give it a grand touch. These mirrors would also help reflect the light into every corner of the room making it brighter.

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