10 floor plan ideas for your future home

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We all have a dream home layout in our mind but there are a lot of small features that we tend to forget while designing. Due to the lack of professional techniques it is almost impossible for us to create a perfect house design. But if you are trying to search for references for your future home then here are 10 pictures of beautiful floor plans that you must consider.

1. A small functional house

If you are a small family which needs a fully functional home then this compact floor design is ideal. The design has two full bedrooms along with two bathrooms. Apart from this you also have enough space to layout your sitting arrangement. The best feature about the home is the spacious balcony.

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2. Two bedroom house

For those of you who are looking for two bedroom house options then this spacious layout might be worth considering. The bedrooms are situated on one side of the house where as the other side is utilised for the living space and kitchen.

3. Three floor house

If you are trying to build a spacious house then this three floor house plan might be perfect for you. The first floor of the house is used for entertainment area and kitchen where are all the bedrooms are situated on the floors above. It also has a small swimming pool which gives you the perfect outdoor seating area.

4. L-shaped house

This L-shaped plan might also be an excellent choice in case you want to create a luxurious house for yourself. The house showcases three full bedrooms and one single. It also has four bathrooms and is situated on a single level.

5. Narrow and long house

If you have a narrow space that needs to be converted into beautiful home then this floor plan has everything that you need. The design too showcases a small swimming pool along with outdoor seating. Apart from this you also get a spacious kitchen and dining area which is joinet to living space.

6. Basic ground floor layout

For someone who is looking to create a multi storey home for himself then this is the basic ground floor layout that you can use. This can prove to be the base of your house which has an open parking, a living space, a dining space, and a kitchen.

7. Bachelor pad

Narrow spaces are the most difficult to build on but this floor plan makes it all easy. This home layout can be used as a bachelor pad which has one spacious bedroom and a living space on the upper floor where as the kitchen and dining are on the lower floor.

8. Three bedroom house

This is yet another three bedroom house floor plan which can prove to be of great reference to you. The house is situated in a Z-shape which helps utilizes the area well.

9. Linear house

Linear or small houses are one of the most trending. These are not only easy to maintain but are also easy to construct. This multiple floor house plan has two bedrooms along with a balcony, kitchen, dining ,and living room.

10. Compact layout

If you are trying to design a floor plan for a square space than this one and a half bedroom compact layout is the perfect option. This home is ideal for a family of three. The house also has a well defined living and dining space.

Which floor plan inspired you the most?

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