15 inspiring ideas for your bathroom sink

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Trying to make a beautiful looking bathroom is not that easy. Due to the lack of space most of us cannot incorporate all the fixtures or elements that we would like. But one of the best ways to deal with this is by beautify your sink area. This will not only give the entire bathroom a fabulous look but will also be a cost efficient alternative. 

  To give you an idea of how you can do this here are 15 pictures that we have put together.

1. Wooden sink table

Installing a wooden sink table is not only a cheap and beautiful option but it will also prove to be more durable than other materials.

2. Large mirror

Covering the entire wall near your sink with a large mirror is the best way to reflect light into every corner of the room and making it look amazing.

3. Natural stone sink

Instead of buying premade sinks you can also opt for natural stones to create your very own customised fixtures.

4. Wood and tile sink

Another option that you can use to create your sink is this wood and tile platform. This will help keep the fixture waterproof.

5. Black and grey combination

If you have a contemporary looking bathroom like this then you can opt for black sink or fixtures to give it a great colour contrast.

6. Flowers

Adding fresh flowers to your bathroom especially near your sink is a great way of making the space look beautiful and smell fresh.

7. Tiled walls

For those of you who have a similar looking tiled bathroom than opting for a plain white sink is highly recommended.

8. Vintage mirror

If you want to add a unique touch to your bathroom then opting for such vintage mirror pieces is a must.

9. Dresser and sink

Instead of opting for a simple counter for your sink you can also add a dresser which has multiple drawers. This will make the area multifunctional.

10. Back lights

Back lights are not just for ceilings or walls rather you can also use it to highlight your sink area like the designer has done for this room.

11. Creative fixtures

If you do not want a normal looking sink for your bathroom then opting for such creative fixtures is another great alternative. The designer for this bathroom has opted for a metal bowl which can be used as a sink.

12. Designer taps

Taps of your bathroom also play an important role when it comes to beautifying your sink area. So make sure that you invest in good quality designer taps.

13. Sink with storage

Creating custom storage space beneath your sink will also give you a beautiful looking bathroom.

14. Wallpaper

Covering the entire walls of your bathroom with wallpaper will also help make your fixtures stand out.

15. Light fixture

Opting for designer light fixtures like you see in this picture is also an excellent idea when it comes to making the room look fabulous.

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