16 ideas to cover the facade of your home with stone

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There seems to exist a tendency that focuses more on the interiors of a home as opposed to the exteriors. We at homify are of the notion that the exterior of a home is just as important as the interior. Here's to smashing the facades we've built around facades

1. Light it up

Lighting can work well for you if stone facades aren't at your disposition.

2. Framed for the driveway

Want to drive into the stone age? This facade allows for just that.  

3. A well defined entrance

Subtlety seems to be at its peak in this next entrance. Mild shades of grey have been chosen to represent the home front while a stone wall segment adds beauty. 

4. Bricked facade

There lies a certain beauty when it comes to red brick walls and this facade is a testament to that. A simple brick wall when combined with grey gates adds a rustic feel. 

5. Two of a kind

Why stick to a single facade when you can have two? Contrasting duos work well, while there is no cap on experimentation. 

6. Lead the way

A wall leading to the front door of your house also falls under the bandwidth of facade. 

7.Contemporary yet rustic at the same time

When the best of both worlds coalesce, a facade such as this one is born. The simple take on stone and finely painted walls can make your entrance look as petite and chic as this one. 

8. Of glass, wood and stone

This picture perfect facade makes for a welcoming allure that no one wants to miss out on. Essentially the best of all elements combined together. 

9. Stonehedge

To highlight the roof of your home, line it with stone to make it stand out. Also a stone wall on the outside completes the look of your home. 

10. Pebbled to perfection!

An exterior which is lined entirely with pebbles makes for a rustic feel. 

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11. Smooth and natural stone to stand out

Smooth, natural stone really does the trick as this next facade demonstrates

12. Single stone wall

Integrate a single stoned wall in the overall framework of your home and let the walls do all the talking for you. 

13. A single block to highlight the facade

A single protrusion of the facade has been covered with stone to highlight the center of the building. A play on contrasts is seen in this building as the dark shades fall in place with the light shades. 

14. Paint the town red

Add a pop of color to the facade of your house. What better way to say it than with red?

15. A framed space

Rather covering the entirety of the facade, you can opt to cover a single portion which comes with perks of its own. 

16. Brick and stone

This facade pays homage to the medieval times with it's unique outlook! 

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Stunned with our stone-y ideas? 

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