20 ideas to separate spaces in your house

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The natural resort to turn to walls to separate spaces in your home might run high, but there exist different approaches which essentially create the same effect as a wall. This post is intended at enlightening you on the multitude of ways that you can divide spaces in your home. Let's shatter all the walls we created around divides being specifically restricted to just walls

​1. Glass door

A glass door rings in the right kind of vibes when strategically located to form a divide between two rooms. It particularly stands out due to the fact that it doesn't block the view of the other side of the partition as do walls. 

​2. Book case

Make your partition multifunctional by adding a bookshelf in place of a wall. This subtly shifts focus from the bookshelf as a partition to the bookshelf being a functional unit of the room.

​3. Curtains Curtains

Curtains can not just regulate the amount of light you let in, but also act as a divider separating rooms. Well draped curtains can create a nice airy feel in your home.

​4. Shutter

Shutters and curtains go hand in hand creating a warm and tropical feel. A variety of options present themselves to you though wood stands out.

Here's what the experts have to showcase. 

5. Low walls

Low level walls add a dimension to the room. Not only does it act as a barrier between large spaces, but also as a counter of sorts to place showpieces. 

6. A glass barrier

As opposed to a wall which restricts space and vision, glass doors stand out. They add a certain amount of finesse to the room which cannot be replicated by any other material. 

7. Natural elements

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Guest Bathroom

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Choose natural ornaments to divide spaces in your bathroom. This is an idea that can be extended to other parts of your house as well. 

8. A wood clad wall

To keep matters of personal and professional on two distinct sides is something we all require. If you have a home office then a wall clad in wood with a crystalline surface will do the trick for you. 

9. Frosted glass

To contain the belongings of a room in your home, pick out frosted glass. It elevates the overall ambiance of the room while behaving as a divide. 

10. The television backdrop as a wall

Rather than secluding the placement of the TV in a corner, place in on a wall that would divide the living and dining areas. 

11. The bed as a demarcation

For a large bedroom with no clear cut demarcations, a bed with a curtain canopy acts as the ideal separator. To one side you can have a lounge maybe and to the other your bed stand. 

12. A cabinet

Fear not if the lack of walls leaves you with wide spaces you don't know how to deal with. Pick out a cabinet that's fairly large and set it up perpendicular to a stand or table so as to create a room within a room. 

13. With the floor

It's time to shift focus to ground level . Pick out different materials for the floor of your home to separate rooms. 

14. The wall of paper

Essentially an alternate to curtains, paper walls add a new dimension to your room. The best part is that much like wallpaper you can shuffle between different idea so that there is no stagnation. The cost effectiveness of this idea makes it all the more worthwhile. 

15. Wooden framework

A wooden framework such as this keeps things simple yet elegant at the same time, allowing you to accomplish what you set out to do in the first place, with the added bonus of aestheticism. 

16. A unique spiral wall

Let your creative side run wild as you play with designs. This design works because the role it plays as a work of art overpowers it's role as a separator or divider. 

17. With a hammock

Relax, unwind and let the breeze sway you to the alluring comfort of your home. This approach works best for contemporary homes, though it can be incorporated in traditional homes also. 

18. An interior garden

To keep things natural and simple, turn to nature to do all the dividing for you. Place pots and maybe an interior garden so as to demarcate areas. 

19. Color coding

Why turn to walls, plants, or flooring when you could resort to paint? Pick bold colors to make an area and contrast it with a lighter shade. 

20. A shelved wall

A great option is to pick out stone structured walls to add depth to a regular wall. A cut out shelf comes with benefits of its own. 

For more on how to separate spaces, follow this link. 

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