10 pictures of indoor gardens for small spaces

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To own a beautiful garden is a dream we all have. With shrinking green zone in cities, the dream has now become a desire. A flourishing indoor garden will bring that much desired greenery right inside your home. Although in just a small way, but you will contribute your bit towards keeping the environment clean and green.

The Homify professionals have come up with some stunning ideas of indoor gardens just for you. A big or small, there is one for every space. Have a look, create one for your home and breathe the freshness.

1. ​Garden on the move

Create a vertical garden on a movable wall. Fix a few pots on a vertical stand and then grow your choicest ornamental and flowering plants on the wall. Your stunning moving garden is ready to move.

3. ​Picture perfect

Rustic wooden frame adorning the wall of your home brings some old world charm with it. Frame a few green pots on it. It will look lively, fresh, innovative and above all fabulous. An indoor garden is ready to flaunt.

3. ​The green walk

Indoor Landscape homify Modern garden

Indoor Landscape


It’s a challenge to decorate the hallway. Usually we end up spending extravagantly to make this space impressive. Well not anymore. Take a clue from here and create an indoor garden in the hallway. The green walk will surely make you feel proud and impress your guests too.

4. Stone and wood

Pebble floor with wooden steps to hop on it, white pots contrasted well by green plants and a simple wooden bench to sit and enjoy the small garden; it is pristine.

5. ​A corner garden

Every house has a tricky corner where we have no idea of what to do with it. Get idea! Show your creativity and make it your beautiful bamboo garden.

6. ​Hanging pots

The sturdy wrought iron stands holding delicate green pots; it is an easy way to create a beautiful garden on the barren wall.

7. Artificial landscape

Do some planning and build a beautiful garden. Take inspiration from here and create a garden of stones, pots, plants and fountain. A landscape inside your home, isn’t it amazing?

8. ​Curvy on the straight wall

Normal is boring. The sight of these wavy pots filled with greenery fixed on white walls looks fresh and rejuvenating.

9. ​Inside outside

Girl and the cat, BLACKHAUS BLACKHAUS Modern garden Wood Green balcony

Girl and the cat


Make the most of the space available in the balcony. Hang the plants on the railing, keep pots on the floor and then place a simple cane sofa there to enjoy the best brew in your fabulous garden.

10. ​Elegance in simplicity

There is nothing elaborate here. Just a simple wall hanging made of wrought iron with a few ornamental plants hanging from it; minimalist and simple looks elegant.

For more fresh and inspiring ideas for indoor gardens, click here.

Which idea would you like to bring home? We are waiting to hear from you.

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