6 ways to modify and improve the space in your home

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Constructing a home is a once in a lifetime ordeal for most of us. It's not everyday that an opportunity to build our homes from scratch is presented to us. 

When a new house is in the making, there is no doubt that it is up to date with the latest in decor and interior designing. Newer styles soon take over,  buying your home the out of style seal. Before you proceed to visually tear down the walls you built with your blood and sweat, consider what the kind folk at homify have to say! Revamp your home by making these simple tweaks. 

1.Change the bedspreads for a completely different look

While it may seem like an obvious answer to the question at hand, seldom does this idea strike us first. Switching up the bedding and cushions can work wonders for your bedroom. Just about anything that falls under the banner of decor can be modified or changed.

2. Replace the shower cabinet

While changes that can be made are restricted when it comes to other parts of your home, the same cannot be said about the bathroom. From subtle, to large changes there is no dearth when it comes to modification in the bathroom. You could opt to change the mats, the lamps or even the shower cabin by replacing it with an all glass cabin. 

3. Replace handles and lights in the kitchen

Add life to your kitchen by changing the existing lighting. Lights inevitably control the overall ambiance of a room, so look for lights that will produce the result you desire. For more of a change, opt for hanging the handles on the doors of your kitchen cabins. This adds a subtle, yet long lasting impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen. 

4. Modification of the ceiling

This idea might burn a hole in your pocket, but rest assured, it makes it seem like a completely new room has been incorporated in your home. To match up to the enhancements in the ceiling, you could opt for furniture that matches it for the ultimate revamp. 

5. Light up the dining room

To make more of your dining area, look to add a chandelier for a spot of light or color, depending on your liking. Chandeliers help to create space and airiness which should not be missed out on at any cost. 

6. A simple office

Sometimes less is really more. For a change up of all you've witness for years together, throw out the old furniture in your home office and replace it with simple furniture. This ensures that you are presented with a space that is different from what you are akin to seeing. 

If you have more to add on to our list, then leave us a comment below. 

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