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6 awesome room divider ideas

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The open-plan living space has become widespread today. No doors and open hallway lounges, a kitchenette with dining and living room, and maybe a bedroom with a door. Although the open-plan spaces are stylish and seem spacious in appearance, sometimes we feel the need to separate spaces. 

Room dividers are great for creating separate areas in the house, and they can also be a part of the decor. As you browse through the images, you will see how different styles of room dividers look in different styles of homes. Read on to find tips on how to integrate the right kind of room divider for your home. We hope you will be inspired to try some of these ideas out at home. 

1. Half walls

If you're considering something more permanent, building half walls might be your choice. The great thing about building your own wall is you can also put windows in it or enclaves in the walls where you can place decorative items. The result is an open space with some subtle dividers or decorative borders which give a separation to the different areas of the house. 

2. Caged wooden room divider

This caged wooden room divider would do well separating a kitchen-living room area. The divider would fit better if there are other wooden elements in the space. You can even hang plants on the divider to make it more pretty and outstanding. 

3. A piece of furniture as a room divider

You don't necessarily need a room divider to separate spaces. You can also use a elongated shelf as pictured here to distinguish spaces. All you need is a border really, and this can be created in various ways, even the TV cabinet can be used to frame spaces. 

4. Rods

With rods, there are so many styles you could take on—industrial with steel rods; rustic with dark wooden rods or minimalist with white rods as pictured here. Choose something that goes with the style of your home—look for similar elements in the environment, or incorporate similar elements to create continuity in the design. 

5. Back-to-back furniture

Arranging furniture in a back-to-back manner as you see in the picture can form clear borders and act as dividers for different areas of the house. You could even modify your sofa so that it has a bookshelf attached to it—it could be a mini library cum sofa cum room divider! 

6. Steel room dividers

Steel room dividers are not necessarily industrial style-looking, they can also look quite grand and elegant if you get them in a metallic gold colour. Here the gold coloured room divider harmonizes well with the classy style of the home. 

More mobile and temporary room dividers are also available on homify. For more inspiration, have a look at 6 pictures of room dividers for Indian homes.

Which room divider idea did you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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